Absolut Diva Cake

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I just celebrated my Dirty Flirty 30th Birthday over the weekend with friends and I’m flying over the moon (or maybe it’s just the excessive vodka intake keeping me so high).  Maybe I do get a bit too excited about my birthday – but then why shouldn’t I ? It’s my special day !

There was no theme to my birthday but everyone around could relate to the Absolut Diva Cake that my cousin (and business partner) NC hooked up for me.  It was simply divine !



As awesome as the cake looks – unfortunately for me, I didn’t get to eat much of it because my younger cousin sort of smashed a chunk of it on my face and straight in my eye !! No fun there ! BUT I did have a lot of champagne to make up for it.  My friends who had the cake loved it – a rich Belgian chocolate if I’m not mistaken. 

NC did do some apt branding – and honestly my birthday was A Klass Apart