Diva Goes Shopping

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… and anyone who knows me know that in itself is quite a task !!

Unlike most women I know, I really don’t enjoy shopping … to a point I actually hate it … the very thought of having to cram myself in a tiny changing room and trying on clothes makes me skip any shopping trips that my girlfriends plan.  

But today, I was on a mission and that was to find the perfect dress for my upcoming birthday party !  A few days earlier I spoke to a friend of mine DS and she volunteered to go out shopping with me. (so glad she did because in Bombay I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for a dress for myself !)

DS turns up to meet me with her super cute hubby SS and before I know it – both of them are browsing clothing racks picking out outfits they think would look good on me (which I thought was the sweetest thing!).  DS and I almost killed one of the store assistants ‘cos she was seriously obnoxious and had no clue about customerdressing rooms service.  This woman kept insisting that an outfit I was keen on ‘would not fit’ .. guess what – not only did it fit perfectly as SG would tell you all – but all three of my friends loved it on me !

After breaking a sweat in the miniscule changing rooms (they should just be called cubicles ‘cos there’s barely any space to even turn around properly let alone change comfortably) – I was ready to call it quits and just head home !! I’m not kidding when I say that shopping and me are just not meant to be !  But with loads of encouragement from my entourage outside (who were kind enough not to laugh at me when I came out all dishevelled) I manage to continue trying on a few more outfits.

DS took pity on me and the four of us took a quick coffee break – only to be joined by my darling HRH and his boyfriend. The conversation there is fodder for another blog as SG might agree.  A quick motor bike ride across Bandra to another store – a few more outfit changes and I managed to leave with one perfect dress :)

Not a bad day at all ! And I still managed to get through Day 17 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge ! if you are taking part – don’t forget to share your link below !