Diva Hits The 500th Blog Post Milestone

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Diva Hits The 500th Blog Post Milestone

500 blog postsWould you believe me if I told you that for the last few days I’ve quite literally sat at my laptop just ‘waiting’ to write this very post ?  I can barely keep up with the excitement ! This lil’ post marks the Diva’s 500th Blog Post !! That’s right – 500 ! and all of this amidst the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I’m taking part in (today is Day 3)

Honestly, when I first started this blog, I never thought I’d reach a stage where I’d still be ‘blogging’ 3 years later.  But I am, which is cool and its become a part of me.  I look back at some of the things I have written and I think ‘wow did I actually come up with that’. 

My blog (and me) have grown.  I’ve come to realize that there are some subjects I’m very passionate about and that I have something that could be useful to others.  I feel like I’ve come a long way since my first 100 posts back in July 2009; 200 posts in May 2010; 300 posts in March 2011 (and the biggest surprise); 400 posts in Aug 2011 !

Despite a really hectic schedule with my business, I try to blog whenever I can – and am happy to say that over the past year – I’ve actually averaged about 17 posts per month ! That’s a lot ! The #MM & #WW memes that I’ve been participating in have definitely helped inspire some really deep insights.  Sometimes I also feel like I don’t have enough time to blog about all the things I want to blog about but that doesn’t quite stop my blogger voice !

I’ve gotten to know so many new bloggers, built a rapport with them online & offline and it feels great being able to connect with so many like-minded individuals.  I just want to say a big Thank You to all of you out there in Blogosphere for taking the time to read my very dazed and sporadic reflections; and for sharing a piece of you with me by way of your comments and tweets.  It means so much to me. 

p.s. if you are taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, don’t forget to share your link below