A Dazed Blur of Awards

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I’ve barely been gone a few days and have been overwhelmed with a few statistics that have hit me straight in the face !

Edit Made @ 23:38

Okay I stand corrected – and am embarrassed as well … My first award was in fact given to me on 25th August by the Mysterious Kaddu !!  Unfortunately I didn’t see this award and might have really upset Kaddu which obviously I do not want to do – so am trying to make amends here … please forgive me !

Kaddu has given me the Zombie Chicken Award !  Wherein the recipient believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken – excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

zombie chicken award

I am now fearful of the zombie chickens who might come after me in my sleep since I missed out on this but hopefully I have redeemed myself !

The Fabulous Bitch over at The Joys of My Splintered Life In Small Town has bestowed upon me …. my very first blog (actually my 2nd but I didn’t realize this) award on 27th August 2009 ! 

And this isn’t even the Bloggers Choice Awards that I am still in the running for – which I had done for a bit of a laugh !

The Fabulous one has decided that My Blog is So Swank !


Before I could even prepare my thank you and acceptance speech, I got caught up with the documentary I mentioned earlier and some intense physiotherapy sessions … The point is as I sat down to write up my lovely speech … wait for it … hold your breath … the Fabulous One has moseyed over to my blog just yesterday with … I Give Good Blog Award !!!


I’m so damn gobsmacked I have no idea what to say or do and how to react ! I’m overwhelmed that I have received not one but three awards in a space of one week ! and that too, from two very amazing bloggers !

I’d like to take a minute to thank you all for dropping by my Sporadic Reflections – whether you meant to go through my blog; came across me via Twitter; perhaps I’m part of your drop list for Entre Card ; maybe you happened to come by as part of your 30 link visits on Link Referral … or if you were just coerced into reading it because I wanted your opinion … but really because you dropped by and took a few minutes to read what was going on in my mind at the time and perhaps even commented on my thoughts.

I started writing years ago – in school actually – it all started with some short stories and huge descriptive essays as part of my course work and then ironically because I didn’t enjoy the poetry as part of my literature course – I took to randomly writing some of my own poetry ! Which was a surprise to me and even bigger one for my professor of the time !

I kept up with the small pieces of poetry but never really collected it anywhere – they would be scribbled on pieces of paper – and one fine day – I picked all the scraps up and compiled them into a notebook …. I’ve since moved 3 countries and my notebook is sitting in a storage unit somewhere in London *sigh*

I made this blog account in 2007 but didn’t actually post anything until June / July of 2008 … those were my very old poetry pieces which also happened to be published on Poetry.com ! It’s been an evolving process since then … Being the planner that I am – I thought I would keep separate blogs about separate topics but then realised ‘yeah right !!!’

So it’s all out here at Dazed Reflection a.k.a Sporadic Reflections and I officially have 2 awards to my name … not bad I’d say =)

Now what do I do with these awards – the Swank Blog award has no rules except to pass it on and was developed by Atomic Lola  whilst the rules of the I Make Good Blog come about from Jenny Mac over at Let’s Have a Cocktail and are quite simple – make a cocktail, pick out 4 of your favourite bloggers and tell them why you think they give good blog. 

I reckon now would be a good time for the drum roll and trumpets whilst I hand out the THREE above awards to some very deserving blogs.  I will try to do this every month – because I can’t very well award ALL my favourite blogs !  So here goes …

The Joys of My Splintered Life in Small Town by the Fabulous Bitch :)  She is one of my favourite bloggers with a distinct style of writing that ranges from being sarcastically hilarious to down right bitchy ! And since I got my first award from her – I feel that I must share it back with her whether its part of the rules or not :)

Sex Lies & Dating In the City by Simone Grant … I have already mentioned Simone in a few of my earlier posts, and her blog is about as Honest as you can get ! It’s a fantastic insight into the mind of a single woman living in New York ! Her writing style is not only addictive but it’s practical too :)  It leaves you coming back for more !

Nigerian Interrupted by Jollof  … This is definitely the blog of one crazy Nigerian ! He’s witty, eloquent, well versed and down right funny ! I found his blog via Link Referral and am always back for some more – after all I have to make a trip to Nigeria sometime soon and what better way to enjoy a new place than with a local :)

Is This Really Happening ? by Chris Mollo … I only recently discovered this blog but feel it deserves the awards.  This is straight up – in your face – no holds barred type of blog.  The language can be a bit explicit and the content is not always for the faint hearted but all that stuff he’s writing about is really happening ! Someone has to voice an opinion and Chris is doing a wicked job of it !

Gay Arab Boy by Wilmaryad O’Scallas, love child of Oscar Wilde and Marie Callas … I came across this blog months ago, and got back to it a few weeks ago … I am awed by his writing style and the simplicity behind each sentence that leads to profound thoughts.  I’ve grown up in an Arab country, although more modern than others, but I can understand where he is coming from.  Check this Blog out – there are some fab posts in here.

I’m saving the best for last – who was in fact going to be my first nomination for next month but since I’m on a redemption trip …

Miss-teerious by Kaddu … there is lots to be said about this enigmatic personality that shows up all over her blog ! There is a free spirit behind the blog that delves into a range of thoughts from healing chakras to minute noodles; blogging tips & tricks to tagging conspiracies ! I’m quite glad to have come across her via the Indi Blogger site :)

And now my dear Kaddu – can you please tell me how I can put up my awards in my side bar ??



Bombchell said...

nice collection of site reviews, so Ill check them out, also dropped by here from lr

Simone Grant said...

Thanks so much darling. I'm honored.

Chicky said...

Wrong! Wrong! I protest! This isn't your first award! You got your first award on the 24th of August, and not on 27th... and from Meeeeee! :( You didn't even see it! :(( Boo hoo hoo! Boo hoo hoo! I'm going to soak my pillow in my tears now! Boo hoo hoo!

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

You totally deserve the awards!

I will check out your favorite list of blogs...

Do you know I am absolutely a great believer in bribery? Oh yeah! Just a thought....

Dazediva said...

@ Bombchell - thanks for dropping by - really liked your blog layout and looking forward to checking it out more

@ Simone - yeaaaah you finally commented heheh

@ Kaddu - *slapping myself* WHAT !!! I didn't know ! I'm sorry ! I will change that straight away !!! Oh my Kaddu dearest - I lurve you ! I will fix this I promise ! Don't wet your pillows ! I'm coming to you now !

@ WSG - so the offer on the clothes worked huh :P

Anonymous said...

aww D, you shouldn't have :) thanks for the comments, review, etc. I'm still a long way away from getting my site to look as cool and cutting-edge as yours. Nice post and great idea...might just borrow it :)...oi where's my chai tea? On its way to Nigeria via DHL???

Chicky said...

Ah ha! Looks like you just survived thru a zombie apocalypse! =)) Ha ha ha! And since, you have honored me with 2 new awards now, I'm sure the Zombie chickens will forgive you! He he! Funny concept for an award!

The awards in the sidebar... here's the code...

Ok it's not letting me give the html code here in the comment. I'll have to email it to you. Let me see if ur email ID is mentioned anywhr.

Dazediva said...

@ Crazy Nigerian ... you totally deserve it mate :) I actually tried using WP for blogging but found Blogger easier and more templates LOL but your blog is wicked fun and I'm jealous that you can divide it into so many sections ... Your writing style is truely eloquent and keeps me coming back for more

@ Kaddu ... if you view my profile you will see my email - please send me the code - 'cos I have NO clue how to show off my awards :(

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Acceptance speech done! Thanks again girl! Much appreciated.