Who Do YOU Love ?

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I’m not quite sure how I came across this track but it was many years ago … Around the time when cassettes (till about ‘93 I think) were around !  I don’t even know why I liked this song in the first place – but it’s a song I have had on my computer and then my laptop for just over a decade ! 

Do you know anything about Deborah Cox ? All these years deborah cox that I have known this track – I haven’t ever really tried to find out more about the artist … quite horrible of me actually ..

It turns out that Deborah Cox is a Canadian RnB singer-songwriter and actress ! She also has held a #1 single on the Billboard chart for 14 weeks in 1998 !  In 2001, her hit-song "Absolutely Not" was featured in Dr. Dolittle 2.  She has even sung the Canadian National Anthem at the 2008 NBA All Star Game in Louisiana.

Turns out the lady is quite popular !  This is the second Canadian artiste that I’ve been impressed by and written about !  I just checked out her website – and it’s quite funky – you can flip pages on it …

So what’s so special about this song ? Well for starters – I can sing it ! Yeah I used to be on the school choir through junior and high school and did quite a few solos as well.  I don’t think I could sing in front of an audience again ! (actually I just did on Monday – got dragged into singing karaoke)

But this song – I can sing because it’s almost recited in a way … the words are clear and quite precise and can be heard properly.  I was browsing my music collection and remembered the name of the track and put it on … which got me thinking …

Considering the lyrics of the track which I found on azlyrics.com … the song in my opinion  represents loneliness, confusion, betrayal which eventually turns to being able to be strong and no longer doubt oneself.  There isn’t much in there about the latter statement but I feel it conveys that quite well.

It’s almost a sentimental song but without the mushy score … it has a more upbeat melody to it .. and that I LIKE about this track …. Whilst looking for the YouTube video, the only one I came across which actually had an embed code – ironically – contains graphic images of hearts with what looks like arrows !

Deborah Cox has a really soulful voice … combine that with a brilliantly written track that expresses so much … it strikes a chord !  For me, her voice really conveys emotion so that the listener can really ‘feel’ and ‘relate’ to the lyrics of the song.

We have all gone through mixed emotions and have doubted or questioned the feelings of a partner … I have broken up with ex’s and have been dumped as well … Back as a teenager, I might have questioned the actions, but I recall sometimes playing this track used to instantly pep me up.  Almost all love songs are highly emotional and quite teary – at least the ones I have heard – and its refreshing to hear a ‘non mushy’ track which manages to capture the essence of loss and emphasizes the need to be strong !

Over the last decade or so, I have played this track at various times of my life and it just seemed to suit the moment … or just capture the exact emotion that I was possibly feeling.  Some people listen to slow romantic songs or ballads …. if I was having any doubts – I could definitely put this on and have them all cleared out  :)


"Who Do U Love"

Last night I slept alone
I stayed at home
For the first time since you've been gone babe
No friends to understand
To lend a helping hand
To ease the greatest pain I've ever known

How you walked away so easily
Still remains a mystery to me
Don't you remember that you promised me?
Yes you promised me that you'd never leave boy
But you went away babe
And it's such a shame
How could you turn your back on me?

If you really don't want me
If you really don't need me
If you really don't love me
Tell me who do you love?
If you really don't want me
If you really don't need me
If you really don't love me
Then who do you love?

I gave, gave everything
A man could ever need
I was there whenever you would call me baby
But somehow your feelings changed
You don't act the same
I guess you're not the man that I once knew at all

How you walked away so easily
Still remains a mystery to me
Don't you remember that you promised me?
Yes you promised me that you'd never leave boy
Now the love is gone babe
Tell me what went wrong
How could you leave me hanging on? Oh baby

[Chorus x 2]
I once was blind but baby now I see
That I'm not the one
Who can fill your every need
I painted a picture so clear, it's reality
Now I know, yes I know
That you're not the one for me
Ooooh baby, oh yeah
Who do you love baby?

If you don't want me
If you don't need me

How could you walk away from me?
Baby you promised you'd never leave
Slept alone since you've been gone
The greatest pain I've ever known
Oh babe, oh babe oh yeah
[Chorus x 2]


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