My Foot is Jinxed !

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I swear that’s just how I feel.  As most of my regular neighbours in Bloggerville already know, about two months ago I was involved in a traumatic taxi incident.

It’s just over 2 months since the incident and just when I think I am almost fully healed and recovered … something … anything ad hoc and unnatural has to happen !

At first I didn’t pay much attention to it … but over the last 2 weeks I have been noticing that such incidents are taking place too often for it to be a random coincidence !

Last night (11/9/09) I was heading for a live stand-up comedy straight after work and since I’m not allowed to drive for another month or so – I took a cab.  Now please understand most cabs in Bombay are quick to find and know almost all the routes – but of course I get stuck with a guy who has just moved to the city from a random village.   We get to a particular turning and this guy is just speeding up – to a point where I can smell rubber burn and hear the tyres screeching … Guess what … the cab ended up with a FLAT and I had to get into another cab … No problems there, found another cab within 30 seconds … only to find out that my driver was reincarnated in the body of Frankenstein ! and kept driving with random jerky movements !

Last weekend, I thought, well I haven’t gone out for 2 months – no partying, clubbing or socialising with friends … let me go out for dinner and drinks with this girl NB (who was part of the documentary that I have been taking part in) and her mate KC.  Normally I tend not to step into other people’s cars unless they have a driver … it’s just something I’m not comfortable doing unless I know that person really well and I know of their driving skills.

I suggested a driver to NB however since she has an expensive car and hadn’t used the driver agency that I use – she opted not to do that and besides she was not drinking that night.  All was going well – she picked me up – we had a chill out evening with just the girls and then went to see DD at his hotel so that we could head out for a drink.

Got to the bar and it was already shutting shop for the night – so we headed back towards the hotel .. we were all pissing about in the back of the car and I was sitting right behind NB and happened to look up … all I saw was our car moving straight ahead at a decent speed (it was 1:30 a.m) and another car coming in from left to right .. and … BANG … instant collision !

P9050031 P9050035

Here’s my mate’s car (on left)  and the other car (on right) … it was a pretty serious accident … luckily no one got hurt … the cars were both banged up … and all I seem to be suffering from is a bit of shock on the foot as I had braced my feet on the car mat when I saw what was about to happen .. natural instinct right …

It’s not just the above two incidents that’s got me thinking … Last Sunday I had told a friend that I would drop him to the airport – with a driver of course – and whilst waiting outside his hotel, the security guard – not even the valet – decided to move one of the other cars and he was so useless at reversing the car – he almost backed up into the security booth ! I should have taken that as a sign and asked my driver to move my car … because next thing I know – in a blink of an eye – the jack ass has gone and reversed into my car ! Nothing major – small little dent made from the exhaust pipe but still … it’s a f**king piss-off and a half !

I need to start driving again … at least I feel more in control of the things that could happen around me and if I have to point a finger – I can point it at me … but right now it’s just frustrating as hell ! I don’t even know what to do about it !


WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

So sorry to hear about your streak of bad luck with cars!

But I am making a note to myself: If you would ever meet Dazediva in real life, remember to never ever get in a car with her!

Dazediva said...

@ WSG .. hahaha you are sooo mean ! you're the 2nd person to say that to me this weekend :( I'm safe to go in cars with ! Just be in MY car and not someone elses car ! I actually went to my grandmothers' place yesterday and had her take the evil eye off me .. so shall keep you posted on my car luck :P and then maybe we can go for a drive hehehee

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I will pray to God that it will not happen with you in the future.