Pitcher This … My Way

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Al Pitcher

I mentioned that I went for a live stand-up comedy on Friday night and it was definitely one of the most unique acts that I have witnessed !  The show which is a part of the International Stand-Up Comedy Circuit,  has been promoted by Comedy Pimp – Quill Potter

The comedian was Al Pitcher and if you haven’t heard about him then I highly recommend that you catch him the next time he is visiting whichever part of the world you are in !

The show was held at the Sophia College Auditorium and I must mention that everyone in Bombay pronounces this as ‘Sapphire’s College’ … don’t ask why or how they could mispronounce this but they do … and no one has a logical reason for it … how hard is it to say So-FI-A !

The show in itself is a very unique show since it involves Al Pitcher going around each day in whichever city he is and taking pictures by the dozen of anything and everything that is eye catching and he uses that as part of his act.  Hence every show is different.

One of the main reasons I enjoyed his show so much is because the Al Pitcher’s Picture Show (yes it is really called that – and you can find out how this name stuck by checking out Miss Malini’s Blog post ) sort of suggests that we need to stop rushing through our lives … we need to live a little and take the time to stop and smell the coffee .. alert our senses… to take note of all the funny, weird, ad hoc moments that take place all around us !  If only we could really capture everything that makes this thing called life

Al Pitcher had some hilarious photos that he displayed on the night that I went for the show, and you can check out some of his top pics on Facebook.  If you want to get another perspective on his show, check out the pics by Miss Malini  – she’s taken quite a few pictures of his actual show and has put them up as well as a YouTube video … It was was taken at the end of the show when there were anonymous Q&A’s from the audience to Al Pitcher

He’s a man after my own heart as he’s about as camera obsessed as me … Now why didn’t I think of using all the ad hoc and inane pictures of what truly makes Mumbai unique in a quest for fame ?? Damn it …

So without further adieu, I present a few of my own personal unique Mumbai Moments … Would love to hear your thoughts on it =)

Note to Self : Start selling my photo collection to the media !  Smile for the Camera darling !