Cyber Highway Traffic Records

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I’ve been meaning to look at my traffic records for a while now … I have looked at them but never got around to actually making ground notes on what my driving skills are … and I’d like to think I’m a wicked driver … I could easily ride with the lads and put some of them to shame ;)

Without further adieu I shall share with you the fine print that the cyber patrol officers have sent my way and perhaps with all your experience you can give your neighbour a hand on the best way forward :)

Alexa Rank Report

Alexa Ranking 4 months

A few months ago, I installed the Alexa Traffic Rank button on my blog page after Kaddu talked about  "Traffic"-(k)ing! Or Queen? as my curiosity (and ego I reckon) got the better of me.

When I had originally put it up – my rating was somewhere up in the 630,000 mark …. sounds good eh ? Not really – in fact the way it works on Alexa is that the ‘lower your ranking – the better your web presence’.  Then maybe last month when I checked in on it – I saw that my rank had gone down to the 350,000 zone … progress baby ! And September stats show that I’m down at 260,000 ! Awesome ! 

I also managed to find out how popular my blog is ranked in other countries … My Sporadic Reflections seem to be going down well in India … and when you think about the overall big picture – out of millions of blogs around in Bloggerville – my blog ranking is  28,120 in India and 186,541 in the US


As you can see from the below pie-chart; the majority of my readers are from India and the US – and a tiny 1% readership from Malaysia too … Thanks guys !  Although I’m wondering where are my UK peeps !!!!


If you don’t already have an Alexa Traffic Widget – then you might want to consider trying it.  It’s free and gives you some statistical data about the usage and traffic on your blog.

Google PageRank

I have been reading about PageRanks for a while now but never quite figured out what my own Google PageRank was until I came across some statistics from IndiBlogger – which is a blog community that I am a part of.

Google Page Rank

Apparently in May I had a page rank of 2 and in June & August a rank of 3 … but September is showing a big fat Zero :(  I still don’t quite understand HOW I can attain a rank or WHAT I can do to maintain a rank … but hell I’m just excited that I even GOT RANKED !   By the way PageRank is measured on a scale of ONE to TEN and assigned to individual pages within a website, not the entire website.

Of course, I’m the kind of girl with ants in my pants and I set about trying to figure out how the hell the Google PageRank system works and came across a few helpful posts.  I’m still trying to figure out How To Improve A Websites Google Ranking – so if this makes sense to you – help me out !

IndiRank by IndiBlogger

IndiRank is a system that allows IndiBlogger to create a ranking amongst Indian Blogs.  Each blog is manually verified before being allowed into the system – however the final ranking process is automated.  Blogs are ranked on a scale of 1 to 100 – and the higher the score – the better the ranking.

Last month I’d received notification from IndiBlogger that I had a ranking of 82/100 … I’ve been a part of the community for a few months – and it was a nice feeling to know that I got ranked :)

Indi Rank

Unknown to me was that in May my rank was of 79, and through June – Aug it was at 82 … but September has seen it dip down to 75.   However – I’m not so worried about that … IndiRank gets refreshed every month, so a blog's previous rank will have no bearing on it's present rank.

So there you have it … my cyber records right here in black & white (with some hints of colour) … I did find that I have some funny 'key words’ that seemed to drive traffic to my blog but I’ll go into that in more detail once I’ve mastered the art of the correct use of key words to increase blog traffic !

If you have your own cyber records – why not share them with your neighbours so that we can perhaps gain some tips and tricks :)


WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

This SEO stuff drove me crazy and at one stage and then I decided to send Google and her awful nephew and nieces to a warm place.
I used to blog for more than 4 years within a hosting community. Was quite the popular blogger, did not have to worry about traffic. Then I decided that it was time for blog to grow up, moved to blogspot. No, traffic did not move with me. They decided to stay loyal to the owners of the site. I was seen as a traitor for moving.

Anyway, suddenly found myself with 0-3 readers a day. I had to generate traffic myself. TVObserver, who used to blog with me on TVSA but moved out earlier, told me I need to educate myself on SEO etc. I did just that. But it killed my creativity and my will to write. Blogging became work. It was no longer fun. Decided the hell with Google, SEO and Social Media listing or whatever.

I did what I love to do. I just write what I like to write and that is what I am still doing. I don't give a F about traffic, or rankings. Too tiresome.

But if you would really like to learn more, I would recommend you read a couple of Timethieve's articles, her site's name is OneCoolSite or something like that. TT usually hangs around on blogcatalog. Sorry, I don't have a link.

All I can say is goodluck. All that SEO stuff drove me insane.

Dazediva said...

@WSG ... I completely agree with you on this one ... I've never quite gotten the whole SEO bit - I understand its importance from a business perspective but not from a personal blogger POV.

As you rightly mentioned, it does stifle creativity .. and like you, I'm writing for myself and hence my blog is quite ad hoc in its topics.

Since I'm in the process of starting an online service business which will also feature a blog; looking at stats on my personal blog has been a learning curve almost.

I've been lucky that without having to go out of my way - I've developed a healthy traffic of consistent readers & commenters who interact with me via my blog which definitely beats any sort of ranking :)

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