Teachers Day !

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Apparently it was Teacher’s Day in India on 5th September but I missed out on that …. Hong Kong and China are celebrating Teacher’s Day on 10th September – so I can still always drop my old school teachers a quick note to say HI !

Considering I finished high school 10 years ago and university 7 years ago – why am I thinking of Teachers then ??  As I was going through my Gmail, I came across an email from my boss with the subject line ‘I’ll Never Forget My Favourite Teacher’ …

It made me think of a post I written last year … ironically titled (or lacking originality if you want to be brutal) Teachers … and it reminded me of all the good times I had back in school.  It also so happened, that just a little while ago, I came home to find my brother pouring over what looked like course material and text books ! That’s right – he’s taking a self-study course in Financial Risk Management and we got talking and I realised that I would definitely like to study some more … even if it is a part time course … but something that will keep my mind occupied and also keep it alert and active !

I’ve tried to look up a few courses but no joy as yet – if any of you know of courses in Bombay in particular – feel free to let me know about it.

Until then … here’s to India’s favourite Teacher ….

teachers whiskey

Haha couldn’t resist that one … that’s what my boss sent me in the email :)


Anonymous said...

Nice ending...I'll give you that :) But seriously, furthering your education is always a great idea - whie you're young. I'm in Banking but I'm studying HRM in the meantime. Hope to be an HR Director some day in any blue chip company I choose - doing f***-all and getting paid for it! xD

Dazediva said...

Nice dude that you're doing your HRM right now .. I'm a bit confused about whether I want to look at Marketing / Media Communications or maybe HR even .. although I don't know WTF I would do with HR .. I'm such an out & out events chick !

If you get to be HR Director - can I be your assistant :P

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I read this post and enjoy it, ending of this post is really very nice, Its amazing man. Its also my favorite TEACHER.

rustom said...

hey Dazediva

nice post, tho i rather feel that teachers are also responsible for lots of bad teaching and discouragement too, that sets so many children back an awful long way..

As for life long learning, im a big fan of online learning- i reckon ud love it - instead of debating random issues on a blog, you can discuss the subject with your tutor and fellow participants. Can even do it from ur blackberry etc.

try the Open University (UK)-im doing a masters from them, or any other establishment?

Dazediva said...

@ Rustom ... how did you find yourself on this post :P

There are some teachers who just don't encourage students; and are in a way responsible for the stunted growth of some .. but then they aren't real teachers are they ? I was fortunate enough that I had a very good set of teachers & professors throughout school & uni who really just pushed me in the right direction ... maybe 1 or 2 could have done better jobs or taken more interest in their roles as teachers (but then again I don't blame a maths prof to care if his students are taking the core subject because it's compulsory)

I'm a big fan of online-learning .. didn't think about it for a masters program but I'm very tempted ... at least I can keep on with my work ... right now I'm looking at a social media course as a refresher which involves some actual class room time combined with e-learning so should be interesting :)