Killing With Karaoke

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… At least that’s what it felt like on Monday night !  I’ve been meaning to post this since the other night but I never even got around to actually writing it … so here I am about to digress into the past …

karaoke A long, long time ago … almost exactly 48 hours ago (it is 22:40 as I type),  I was sat down at a hidden table at a popular bar known for it’s Karaoke sessions every Sunday and Monday, with a friend PP who is visiting from London.

After a long day of work, I really didn’t have the energy to go down and hail a cab to the bar … I’m still traumatised by my experience and not yet able to drive :(   After struggling to just freshen up, I stepped out of my room into the darkness of the passage way only to find a light shining through the kitchen passage …. Lo and behold … my brother and his friend .. and they look like they might be heading out for a drive … perfect .. I can bum a ride !

My brother’s mate ends up dropping me to the bar and I find PP after much squinting in the dark trying to track him and his group down …. karaoke nights 2I was told off for missing their rendition of Hotel California … but never fear, they had signed up to sing another 3-4 songs !

What I wasn’t prepared for was being dragged up on stage and being made to sing New York ! New York !  It was a blessing and a curse in disguise that out of the two mics between 4 of us – the mic PP and I were using was not working (it was either that or I was tone deaf ! )

A few hoots and howls later – I managed to race back to the table and GULP my Vodka Redbull ! How could I possibly have gone up there for the sake of spirit on a few sips of VRB ??? I definitely needed more than that if I had to go up there again !

The birthday girl makes her way over to me and announces with a very straight face that the next song is gonna be just the two of us girls and it was going to be … Madonna – Like A Virgin !!! OMG – I think I wanted the ground to swallow me alive !! Maybe God was listening to me or took pity on me because for the next 15 minutes – every other group at the bar made their way up on stage and would give ear shattering renditions of songs that they thought they could actually sing !

Just as I got comfortable with my second drink, I find myself being led by the arm and back towards the stage … and I kept trying to pull back to at least carry my drink with me …. This time, the birthday girl had picked Mambo No 5 !  The four of us were so off-key – it was hurting MY ears – I don’t even want to try to imagine how the others in the bar were feeling …. The rest of my mates had been tanking up on booze from about lunch time as they are all here on vacation and I was the only sober one in the group !

The only time I felt comfortable singing was to the beats of Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply … I really do love that song, and it was played towards the end of the night … the four of us just sat there around the edge of our table and huddled together and just sang away … Well the three of them were a bit hoarse from the drinks and cheering; whilst I was still trying to let the hidden singer me come out !

If you happened to be at the karaoke bar that night – and now feel that you have trouble with your hearing … (wouldn’t be surprised since the whole bar sounded like a bunch of alley cats on heat)… please accept my sincere apologies !

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Randomique said...

Blame it on the alcohol...

Wait, isn't that a song?
I think that would have been appropriate if you sang that :] that and "killing me softly" :D haha

Oh yes, the tortures of Karaoke... I live in toronto by a predominately Asian neighborhood so you can imagine how many karaoke bars there are here.
I went in once and I saw this 40 year old Chinese man singing a Whitney Houston song. I left exactly 35 seconds later.

I wish there was a revolving door for people like us for a swifter exist :D

Anonymous said...

My my still get kicks out of the old spirits eh? I'm too scared of hangovers so I guess I neva really enjoy my drinking sessions...let alone karaoke - I'm always too sober. Having said that I've only ever done live Karaoke 2ice (in front of ONLY friends and family). I wish I could hear you and your mate sing Like A Virgin - Did you do all the seductive(cringeworthy) dance moves along with the singing? Hope not! Ironically I sent a post with the same song title. Check it out -

Elizabeth D. said...

Sounds like you guys had a super fun time! Stopping by through the Fabulous Bitch this morning, happy Friday to you! Your post made me smile. :)

Dazediva said...

@ Randomique ... Oh I know those karaoke bars in Toronto - we went to a few whenever we would drive up from Montreal ... And a revolving door is a fab idea ! You must get rights for that !

@ Crazynigerian ... I'm lucky that I don't actually suffer from hangovers! And you need to be pretty wasted to get up and karaoke live in front of random strangers - which I definitely wasn't so it was an effort and a half !

I really liked your post - especially AYV status !!! I would love to write for that site considering I am a wedding planner ! wanna hook it up for moi darling :P

@ Elizabeth .. Thanks for dropping by ! am glad I got you smiling :) the weekend is here ! have a great time !

Stephanie Faris said...

Way back in a time that seemed like another lifetime, I was recently divorced and beginning to date for the first time since I was a teen. My first date was set up by my cousin. The guy was a part-time karaoke DJ on the we went to his bar where he worked. We had to sing something, so after a whole lot of margaritas I got up and gave "Any Man of Mine" a try. Luckily she sang with me. It was HUGELY embarrassing!

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Hahhahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Like a virgin? Really?

I would have to be really really drunk, at least two bottle worth, to do something like that. And then I would have to emigrate because people will sue me for serious assault to not only their ears but also their souls. I will forever change their ability to enjoy music!

Dazediva said...

@ Stephanie ... at least you had company and lot of margaritas ! I barely had a chance to have my first drink LOL

@ WSG ... assault their souls eh ! damn woman you don't have to be so hard on yourself .. you might burst an eardrum or two .. but the soul ... naaaaaah it can't be so bad ... :P

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