Is There A Doctor In The House ?

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Here’s an update on the Diva’s Dating Diary … So you might recall that a few weeks ago the Surgeon asked me out on a date via SMS – which he immediately followed up with a phone call and we wound up going on a dinner date the following week.

If you’ve just found your way here, lemme fill you in on what’s going on.

Who Is He

A man who befriended me on a popular social networking site.  It wasn’t until after a few BBM’s and phone convos did I discover that he was a cardiac surgeon in his mid 30’s.

The Date(s)

I have  gone out 3 times with the man.   His idea of a first date was ‘going to a nightclub’ and I promptly changed that to ‘dinner & drinks’.  I’ll be damned if I’m going to go to one of my fav clubs with a man I do not know.  Besides I don’t think shouting into each others ears makes for interesting conversation.

1st date involved dinner (he hadn’t made reservations – fail; luckily I know the management of the restaurant and tentatively made a reservation – that’s the planner in me what can I say!), a cocktail (he had to drive back & I didn’t see any reason for me to continue having a drink if he wasn’t going to) and fairly good conversation.  Date ended with a quick hug good night after he dropped me home.

2nd time we went out (it wasn’t a date as far as I am concerned) was a littlemovie date impromptu for my liking – but he had hinted at meeting up during the week based on our respective schedules.  An early bite to eat (just starters, no main, and no dessert unfortunately) followed by a movie. 

3rd time we met was for another movie which he insisted I watch despite me constantly telling him that I’d already seen that movie just a few days earlier.  I had to ‘watch it for the experience’ at this other cinema ! I went along since no tickets had been purchased and other movies were also playing but as luck had it – no other shows were available (this irritated me)  Evening ended with a really awkward  (for me) extended hug from his end which I struggled to get out of ! (I need my personal space – and how he didn’t clock on to this I don’t know!)

Side Note : Never quite understood how going to a movie is a date (unless its with a long time partner when you don’t need to say anything to one another) I don’t think I’ve ever been on a movie date with someone before and hence refuse to call these two last meetings ‘dates’.


  • Looks better than his profile picture ! Too skinny & lanky in there but he turned out to be a 6ft4' broad shouldered man.  Not hot & buff but not out of shape.  Proportionate would be the best way to describe him.
  • Punctual & Chivalrous.  He picked me up every time.  Considering this is Bombay, we live on 2 different sides of the city and its the monsoon season – it was very nice of him to do so (even though I have offered to meet him halfway)
  • He paid the bill every time.  There was none of the ‘reach’ or ‘who’s gonna pay’ or ‘shall we split the bill’ type of scenarios.  Before anyone gets started here – I am more than capable of paying my own way when I’m out, date or no-date.  It’s just refreshing to go out with someone who ‘wants to take you out’. 
  • Solid stable guy with a real grown up job

Negativeshmmm doc

  • There is no physical chemistry (which sorta takes me back to thinking is chemistry : physical or mental ? )
  • He has a Moustache. Not a trim goatee or the bad boy stubble – but a moustache. (not a big fat bushy one but this very typical Indian man ‘tash that I’m just not cool with)
  • He speaks kinda slowly (it might be articulate for some but doesn’t work for me; and its not because he is articulate – it’s because he speaks slowly)
  • He ‘mmmm hmmms’ not only in texts but in person too .. and its not a ‘hmm’ (short quick type) but sort of an extended / exaggerated ‘oh really’ type of exclamation

Diva’s Verdict

A nice guy with a lot of good things going for him but as my London gal The Single Filez says in her post ‘nice, but nothing special’ … he doesn’t quite cut it for me.