Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! It's National Orgasm Day

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orgasm e card

I swear to you that 31st July is National Orgasm Day.

Hallmark has gone all out with the cards when it comes to any and every possible kind of day – so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a card for this totally orgasmic day.

I doubt any man or woman in their right mind would ‘refuse’ an orgasm if an offer was made (although it does depend on from who its coming from).  Besides shouldn’t every day be an Orgasm Day ? And let’s not forget Cake & Cunnilingus  and Steak & Blow Job Day ! Shouldn’t we be combing them all for the ultimate orgasm ?

I’m all for toe-curling, spine tingling, and euphoric orgasms ! Aren’t you ? Did you manage to give your man / lady an orgasm today ? If you haven’t done so already – can you leave this space and get working on it ! 

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