Chocolate Makes The World A Happy Place

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Did you know today, July 7th, is ‘Chocolate Day’ ? Chocolate was introduced in Europe in 1550 – and came at a premium cost.  Fast forward to today – and its so easily available (and affordable) that we can all indulge in it !

Years ago (when I was still using Hotmail), I came up with this quote that I used on all my email correspondence :

All I really need is chocolate, but a little love now & then doesn't hurt!  -- Me

Giggle or laugh if you must – but I think it’s true.  I’m the happiest when I have a chocolate or a dessert in hand.  I would rather eat chocolate or dessert all day every day instead of actual food.  I’ve been like this since I was a toddler according to Mum.

Chocolate is my #1 Guilty Pleasure and a must have mood enhancer as well ! And then I came across this pic that a friend posted up on FB – and I’m inclined to agree with it …

diet tip

So what’s your favourite chocolate then ? If you had to pick any chocolate to eat for an entire day – what would it be ?

And whilst you’re thinking about all the yummy chocolate out there – check out this poem ‘Chocolate Flames’