Happy 4th of July !

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have_a_rockin_4th_of_julyHappy 4th of July to all of my American friends and bloggers out there ! Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and got your BBQ’s out and tested out your grill skills.

Since the day is only just beginning for all my US based blogger & Twitter friends … I shall ask how do you plan to celebrate your 4th of July ? BBQ, picnic in the park, fireworks, or are you still too hung-over from the night before to think about it ?

For anyone reading this elsewhere in the world -  did you do anything to celebrate the US Independence day ? How many beers, sangrias, LIT’s have you had today ? If you have pics of what you’ve been up to – don’t forget to share the links so we can all be a part of the celebrations.

Unfortunately on my side of the world, i.e India, I spent the majority of the day stuck in traffic .. actually I was ‘traaafukked’ !! that’s how bad it was !

Hope you have an awesome day, and don’t get too close to the fireworks !

Little piece of Trivia – did you know that today, 4th of July is also Freedom week ? Celebrate freedom & liberty from 4th July to 10th July !