Hit or Miss ?

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As I sat restlessly in the lobby of the hotel; waiting to reconnect with the charming stranger that I struck a connection with on flight; I couldn’t help but run through various scenarios in my mind.  After all I am a planner – I can think of most ways something can work or go horribly wrong.

Airport Boy had initiated the first physical contact between him and I – from the hand holding to the kiss.  He had suggested meeting up again; and during our sleepy text exchange even suggested spending half a day together.  I was the one however to call him back when we couldn’t find a way to meet up on his 2nd day in the city and asked him if was game to meet up for breakfast or a coffee before his flight out.

hit or missMy phone was still dead and getting a charge courtesy of the sweet trainee at the business center; I felt like a teenager wondering if her date would show up .. and then it struck me ..

What if … he never got the message I sent him the night before ? He had mentioned that he was giving his Sim card back.  But then surely, whoever had the phone would see the message and convey it to him.  Even if he didn’t get my message; since he did ask him to specify a location and time to meet – he could always call me from any phone including his international line as he had my business card.

I on the other hand – had nothing other than his FaceBook account info; his local number which he no longer had; and his email address.  How was I even to attempt to get in touch with him ?  A FB message seemed ridiculous (what if he didn’t have the app installed on his phone ?).  He had mentioned he had an android phone – which from what I understood was just as good as a smart phone … and that’s when I decided to email him …

A short simple message letting him know that I hoped he got my message ‘cos I was waiting at the hotel and it would be great to see him .. and if he didn’t get it (which would suck), then I wish him a safe flight.

15 minutes.  30 minutes. 45 minutes.  1 hour 15 minutes go by and there is no sign of the guy.  More thoughts going through my mind.  What if he got really wasted at the wedding party, over slept and rushed off to catch his flight ?  What if there was no land line at the place he was staying at ?  What if he did get my message but ended up at the wrong hotel ?

MissedConnectionsI guess he never got my message.  I couldn’t believe I had driven an hour out of my way to meet a guy (who I didn’t even know had or had not gotten my message) with no way to contact him.  The two of us managed to miss our connection – whatever it was. 

I suppose everything does happen for a reason ?  It might have been too much to ask (or assume) that Airport Boy actually received that text message  and was making his way over to meet for a quick chat before flying off.  Maybe I should have just called him instead of messaging him the night before (especially since I really don’t like texting at all).  I was annoyed with myself for not having done that.  I just took it for granted that he ‘would’ receive the message.  Damn, I could have even gone to the airport gate since I knew his flight departure time but then didn’t want to seem like a crazed stalker (which I am most definitely NOT) ..

So many if’s, but’s, could have, maybe’s … Oh well – maybe when he finds a spare moment – he will reply to my email and then I’ll know what happened that morning.  Should be interesting to know his side of the story.

Have you ever crossed the city to meet someone ? Or experienced anything like this where you genuinely felt there was a connection with another person ? It felt like a blind-date (even though I’d met him before) and perhaps for a minute I even felt vulnerable at the fact that there I was, waiting, by myself in a hotel lobby looking out for a stranger to walk through the door.