Twitter Poems In The Making

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There’s this cool guy that I follow on Twitter, Justin Germino and every day he creates a random twitter poem inspired by words submitted / suggested by his Twitter followers.

I’ve participated a few times and the results of each one has surprised me.  The way he manages to put the words together to form a poem is just fab.  It’s actually a great way of keeping one’s creativity fired up.

Since I have been looking for some guest bloggers to fill the void I leave when I’m away for events – I touched based with Justin to see if I could post the poems I have contributed; and the nice man that he is – he agreed !

To know more about Justin and read some awesome poems, do check out his blog ‘Wanderer Thoughts’.  Until then, here’s a short video he created to show the method and process of how he creates the poems.

Pretty cool process huh ? If you haven’t tried the Twitter Game as yet – do give it a shot – you never know what creative prose comes out of it !