The Coming Age

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The Coming Age is a poem that plays off of the end of the world theme which comes up periodically in my poetry as people talk about 2012 and the end of the world crap that is so common place.  It is yet another way of retelling the supposed “doom” that falls upon mankind when what some believe will be Solar flares strong enough to burn away the surface of the world.

The Coming Age

Pray for the savage storm coming
most unwelcome and unnatural vaudeville
where collision of bizarre fire and rain
seek to undo superfluous human existence
poet and prophet are brothers in fear
people volunteer their souls as penance
and every magazine preaches the nearing end
with birds chirping their final tweet
from Sidney and London to
Oklahoma City
no country left unscathed from this totality
as this birthday will be our last day

-poem by Justin Germino

This poem incorporates 13 random submissions  (in bold) and was originally published on April 20th.


dragonbloggerJustin Germino is the author behind Dragon Blogger’ and 'Wanderer Thoughts’ amongst a few other blogs. He has created over 260+ ‘twitter poems’ via random submissions on twitter. He believes you only have one life and you have to live it. Follow him on Twitter @dragonblogger