Strangers That Connected on Flight

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I found myself at the airport in Dubai almost panicking because I couldn’t see my scheduled flight. Not that I minded staying back but NCdelayed would have killed me if I didn’t get on this flight.

I had been bumped off my original flight; and then the seat I had the following day was changed to a later flight – first 3 p.m, then 11 p.m, and then 3 a.m.  At about 1 a.m I’m wandering around the airport trying to figure out when the hell my flight was. At about 2:30 a.m, I see the notice that the flight has been delayed further to about 5 a.m ! Not a good sign considering I’d been awake since 6 a.m that morning and getting fairly cranky and hungry too !

To make things worse – my Wifi wasn’t working. After checking with the information booth who claimed that it was definitely working – I walked back towards my gate and just to double check – asked the only non-creepy looking guy whether his Wifi was working. It was .. but no matter what I did – my laptop refused to connect.

I don’t know why – but I went back to the guy (lets refer to him as Airport Boy) to ask him if it was still working. Ended up sitting a seat away from him whilst he offered to figure out what seemed to be the problem with my laptop connection but to no avail.

We did end up chatting though – right until we boarded the flight. Funnily we were on the same row but on opposite sides; and he signals for me to come and join him. Which I do. We continue chatting away like old friends. And then, I realize that he’s oh-so-lightly stroking my hand – not quite sure how to react – I just went with the flow.

812072-flirtingBefore I know it – Airport Boy has leaned over, cupped the side of my face and kissed me. Now that’s one way of shutting me up !! (I’ve been told that I can talk … a lot) It wasn’t an aggressive kiss, far from that – borderline gentle but completely in control. He did mention that his plan was to get the two of us banned from the airline so we would never have to face such awful flight delays again !! (but seriously I don’t mind a flight delay if the benefits involve impromptu kisses from a cute stranger)

We continue chatting as if this is all quite the norm and are decidedly quite comfortable with one another. I like that in a man – confidence, sharp and a sense of humour. I also liked the fact that I didn’t have to do anything other than initiate the first bit of conversation. The feeling of knowing someone is showing an obvious interest and actually doing something about it … now that’s flattering. (compared to some of the crazy men I’ve met over the past 3 years – this was refreshing!)

Of course the surreal flight has to come to an end – but luckily his charm didn’t flat line once we landed and got out towards immigration.  For the first time, I was grateful for luggage delays and between a few quick hugs and some playful cheek punches – the two of us managed to find our way to the taxi stand for the inevitable goodbye.

So there we were – two strangers who found some sort of a connection on a flight – trying to figure out a way to meet again.  He had 2 days in the city before flying back out – and I had work to do – yet the two of us seemed to ‘want’ to find a way to meet again.  Numbers were exchanged; tentative plans were made – a parting hug, a quick kiss and we were both on our separate paths.

On my ride home – I thought about what had happened over the past few hours and couldn’t quite believe it.  It made me smile and I liked that.  I knew I’d like to see him again – if anything for the great company (although there could be the chance that he might just blank me out) – but its just one date (kinda) – no harm in asking / following through right ?

Has that happened to you ? Ever meet someone in the most unexpected place and just ‘click’ at some level or the other ?  It still feels quite surreal when I think about it … I mean, really – that actually happened …