PDA : To Do Or Not To Do

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I just read a post titled PDA in the USA by Jess Downey (she’s brilliant and so is her blog ‘Not What I Ordered’) and it totally inspired me to put my own thoughts down on the subject.

Personally I’m not a fan of extreme PDA.  I can totally digest and handle the rudimentary basics such as hand holding; arms around the waist; a slightly longer than the average peck style kiss when meeting or leaving your partner; and general body contact. 

I can’t for the life of me tolerate tonsil-sucking making out sessions combined with groping of all body parts – which should really be kept for the bedroom, bathroom, living room and even your kitchen – it’s NOT meant for the public eye !

I’ve always lived in multicultural countries where PDA is generally accepted as long as it’s not lewd or obscene.  The UK and Canada are fairly tolerant and accepting countries when it comes to PDA.  During my years in Dubai, UAE – I always ‘knew’ that excessive PDA was not permitted (after all it is an Arab country) and it was only recently after hearing of cases where people were fined / jailed public-display-of-affection-demotivational-poster-1246202951for OTT PDA did I realize it’s actually slightly frowned upon.

Since living in India the past 3 odd years, I found it ridiculous that the Supreme Court deems PDA to be practically ‘illegal’ ! Seriously WTF ! The moral police are able to slap a fine or conviction on citizens if they are caught being overly affectionate.  The government made a mountain out of a mole hill when Richard Gere pecked Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty a few years ago.  I find it a bit of a sham that people are able to urinate, defecate and vandalize the city without any punishment but if a couple were to hold hands or be caught kissing, it could result in jail time !

PDA and tolerance of it varies from couple to couple; relationship to relationship; and society  – so there’s no real way of saying No to PDA unless it makes you want to scream ‘ewwwww get a room folks’ ! If you’re gonna react that way to something then make sure you aren’t doing that out in the open !

What are your thoughts on PDA ? When does your PDA meter hit unacceptable ? Do you indulge in PDA or are you more of a private person ? Ever been told off or stared at for excessive PDA ?

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