Salsssssstastic !

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I went out dancing the other night with my friend YK - not the regular 'let's go to a club and bop around' but something more demanding; more sensuous and that requires energy and attitude ... Salsa !

If you don't know what Salsa is - Salsa dancing mixes African and European dance influences through the music and dance fusions that are the roots of Salsa: SonGuaguancó, Rumba, Boogaloo, Pachanga, Guaracha, Plena, Bomba.

The dance boasts of infinite breathtakingly intricate patterns and combinations; whilst spins and turns form an inherent part of salsa dancing !

Have you ever danced the Salsa ?? Have you ever watched two people Salsa Dancing? Simply put - isn't it just mesmerizing ? Everytime I watch couples doing the salsa, it seems magical and liberating all at the same time !

It's a different kick altogether once you're on the dance floor - especially with a good partner. Haven't you ever noticed that people tend to eye the 'best dancers' in a club ? Don't you wish so
metimes YOU were that dancer and have eyes on you ? (or maybe I just love the attention hehe)

I've always been attracted to good dancers - it's just one of those things that I find appealing in an individual (male or female - and no I am not attracted to women - but am the first to appreciate and acknowledge a good looking woman). It just blows my mind that someone can lead me on the dance floor and just let me let go of myself ! After a tough day at work; the best remedy is a great dance partner.

I must have noticed YK the first time perhaps over a year ago when I used to go to a bar that hosted Salsa sessions on Sundays. My cousin NM (not NC this time) and I always had our eye on him - and were taken aback that there were men in this city that could just move the way he was doing !

A few months ago - another friend AB was visiting from Paris and I had gone to attend a party hosted by him - and bumped into YK out there. Aside from AB - I didn't know anyone out there - and typical of myself - I found myself chatting to YK and next thing I knew - we were strutting our moves in the middle of the living room which was our makeshift dancefloor ! Since then, I discovered that YK is friends with a colleague at work; and we developed our own rapport.

For anyone that knows me - salsa has been a form of dancing that has interested me for years ... I'm not a professional nor do I confess to be on par with any regular dancers but I'm pretty good if I must say so myself.

So when YK suggested a bout of salsa dancing - I didn't hesitate to say 'yes' !! We went down to a chill out bar / lounge near my workplace, and settled down with a Cosmo for me; a Chenin Blanc for him; and just let the music settle in. After half our drinks were done, we went onto the dance floor - or rather - he led me onto the dance floor.

I felt slightly rusty (who wouldn't after not dancing for a few years - although I try to practice with another friend HRH whevever given the chance) and a bit inadequate as I was wearing flat slippers and had left my heels in the car. Even though YK was willing for me to go back to the car and get the much needed heels - I thought to myself - doens't matter - just dance =)

And we did ! In fact we were the first pair on the dance floor as the bar was quite empty at the time. It was a much needed adrenalin rush after the last few weeks and especially after the annoying turn of events on Tuesday ! I must have let myself go completely (a bit too much as I did mess up a few steps LOL and the gent that YK is - he never let on) and just lose myself in the arms of a partner who knew how to twist and turn my body in ways only a professional gymnast could do ! I surprised myself at actually being able to do the moves - but hell if I can do them with HRH - then I can do the same with YK - just need to get used to YK =)

For the next hour or so - it was just about enjoying the music and being entralled by the couples who were dancing ! It humbles you watching others move ever so gracefully; with passion in every step; a teasing glint in the eye daring their partner to take each step just a bit further; watching the fall of a womans' hair whilst being dipped (YK you need to dip me too) !

At the end of the night - we agreed that we must do this more often - especially since it was so close by to my work. In fact NC and another friend SJ are also meant to join us one of these coming weeks =)

My evening ended on a superbly high note and I slept like a baby after working the dancing muscles that were in need of some exercise =)

Funnily enough - and I just noticed the coincidence right now - the first person I ever danced to salsa with (and what a night it was) has the initials KY and - it so happens that my current dance partner is YK. I find that quite cool - maybe it means something =)

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