Blogtastic !!

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Woooooohoooooo !!! As a newbie blogger - can you imagine just how ecstatic I was to find that my blog - yes ! this very one that you are reading - got ranked ... hold your breath now ...

... #2 from over 5000 blogs in the Personal Category of Link Referral yesterday !

Luckily I had my senses about me - and managed to get some screen shots of my rankings; just for proof for myself to prove that the immense heat and lack of sleep hadn't caused any sort of hallucinations ....

This coming to me just after discovering that my blog also got picked as #4 on the editors' choice from Blogsville =)

Now these are just daily rankings, but it got my heart racing just a tad more than usual and got me grinning from ear to ear ! Yeaaaaaaaah ! You like my writing - and I'm entertaining you ! (or else you wouldn't be here DUH!)

I can't stop smiling =)


Poseidon Monacular said...

Congratulations! I hope to achieve similar things in my blogging career. I remember being thrilled that I had 1 person reading my blog. That number has now gone up to 2, which is great! But I need to aim higher!

Tangerine said...

Hey! congratulations!!!

keep up d good work!