Do You Rely on the Internet ?

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I ask this because tonight I find myself without the use of the internet tonight. My net connection wasn’t working too well today so I reset the router … big mistake ! Because I’ve just realised that the router settings that I had noted down and kept in my laptop case has gone MIA !

So here I am – sitting in bed, typing away and realizing just how integrated the internet is in our daily lives. I mean – I wake up in the morning and tend to check my mails; leave for work and am back online within a span of 45 minutes (my drive time) and then again back online once I get back home. I may not be actively using the laptop or surfing the net – but the connection is always on. That way I can periodically check my emails; facebook, as well as catch up with any reading (news, articles, etc) that I may have to do online.

I’ve had no internet connection for the last 2 hours and it’s really unnerving to be honest. It’s just a bit weird not being able to log on and check something, anything, at the click of a button =( Don’t you think ? Or has the net-addiction hit me ??

How long do you tend to spend online ? Do you rely on the internet for your dose of daily updates ?


Drew said...

I'd say a net-addiction is definitely reminiscent of a drug addiction so in the end, yes, you have an addiction to the internet. Everyone does these days.