Feel the Crunch - Feel the Pain ...

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and NO I’m not referring to the recession that has hit us all worldwide. I’m referring to the gruelling work-out my trainer put me through as a punishment for not going to the gym for 3 days ! Before you start rolling your eyes backwards, clucking or ‘tssk’ing at me – I was smothered by a family wedding .. think of the ‘big fat Indian wedding’ and then you can imagine why I didn’t have the time to hit the gym …

Woke up this morning and could barely move my abdominal region !I ran 3km on the treadmill and 3 km on the cross trainer followed by what seemed like a never ending series of various abdominal workouts (it was actually 250!) followed by 200
‘step-ups’ … by the time I got to 150 step-ups I had actually ‘crawled’ on the floor, with my hands folded, grabbing my trainers’ feet – quite literally ‘begging’ him to stop as I couldn’t move let alone try to do another 50 reps !

Could you picture yourself doing that ??
I made such a spectacle of myself – but I didn’t care – I was tired; in pain; sweaty; and the idea of walking home seemed a bit insane ! But my trainer had other plans up his sleeved bicep – he gave me an ultimatum – ‘do another 50 reps or else I won’t train you tomorrow’ ! *gasp*

Imagine that – what a threat ! I had no choice but to succumb to the step-ups and hold on to my dignity on the walk home …

As I write this – I notice it’s now 8:15 a.m and I should be heading to the gym .. it’s time for my upper body workout … I wonder if I will be able to drive to work later … hmmm ..

A friend said to me yesterday ‘oh that’s a sweet pain – relish it’ .. and I really am =)