Laughing Fits

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I say this whilst laughing .. or actually recovering from a bout of laughing fits ... It's just another Tuesday at work ...

It appears that my colleagues have had a heavy round of thinking, and all thoughts lead to one group consensus ... laughter !! Whether it be something serious or just an action by another - everyone is laughing or making fun of a situation whereby the rest are naturally bound to laugh.

My colleagues AA, DC, NV, and NC (yes my cousin NC also works with me) are all sitting around the box-like cubicle and having a relatively serious conversation; when AA gets agitated that I'm trying to find out about ticket availability for 'The Vagina Monologues' ...

He then goes on in a really serious tone that he has never seen the play; how he would like to see the play; and when I sweetly suggest that I can get him tickets - I get an earful of how I shouldn't waste time and electricity in the office and how I could do this at home LOL Even more so as to tell me how could I go and watch such things - as it wasn't part of our 'sanskriti' - which means culture & heritage ... I know I could do this at home; but I saw a banner ad for the play and wanted to find out ASAP .... it makes sense right .. why put off what you can do 'now' until 'later'

So anyways - I did manage to catch some of that on video with my ever-present camera .... the next topic that arose was about my blog ... AA got home last night and was wondering why his wife was sitting up at the computer so late in the evening; and lo-and-behold ... she was reading something ... she was reading ... Sporadic Reflections =)

YESSSSSSSS !!!! I have another reader :) I should call her to say thanks - which I will do once I'm done with this post (and yes I know I'm contradicting the above line of putting off what you can do now till later hahah)

Basically - AA made her close my blog page =( but it's okay - he was probably saying it in jest ... Now the fun begins ... these guys suggested keeping a byline in Hindi ... !!! They then went on to refer to me as 'foreign returned' and hence I wasn't included in this exercise ....

The result of which was ' yaaha waaha prati-bimb' - apparently a literal translation of 'Sporadic Reflections' ... well not literal but no one could figure out the translation for 'Sporadic' in Hindi .. and 'yaaha waaha' means 'here & there' or 'random'.

NC is sitting next to me and asked me ...
"So where did you get this name - Sporadic Reflections'
answer was simply
"I have a brain - I came up with that ... all by myself"
... which of course led to both of us laughing again ...

If only I could actually describe what else we have laughed about - then it might make sense .. If I posted the video of my colleague AA - he might just KILL me .. so I shall refrain from doing so ... for now =)

p.s. I sent AA's wife DA a text message thanking her =)


J said...

Hi there! This is Jen from Designed by Jen, I just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I saw that you left me a message on my plugoo. Design is all up to you, lol, but if it were me I would maybe do something that involved nature, maybe water, since reflections is in your blog name. Your personal style should come through though. So whether that is country, retro, modern, folky, scrapbooky, whatever, that's up to! Have a great day!