Just Some Words

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I don't know if I'm irritated at a particular situation or if I couldn't care any less - it's not like there were any expectations from my end. It's like a constant battle of the sexes to even determine a path of friendship.

Some days I feel that the people of this city have an inbred gene that just causes confusion when mingling with a member of the opposite sex and managing to just royally f**k up what could be a great friendship.

I feel like I have no thoughts ... but I can see the words swimming in my mind ... I just can't form them right now ... so many words, so many phrases, so many interpretations ...

When I close my eyes - my eyelids feel heavy ... feels like an intense pain in the middle of my brows; that excitement that one feels on a whooshing roller coaster - that's how my brows feel right now - especially when I turn my head from side-to-side.

Am not quite sure which direction to turn - quite literally ... even now I wonder what I should do ... I want to leave - I just don't know when or how ... I know 'how' but I don't know 'when' ... When is a good time I wonder ? Or maybe there never is a good time .. maybe there is just the 'time' ...

I found the image on another blog 'A Beautiful Revolution' ... check it out :)


Unknown said...

If I got you happy by dancing with you... You have completely floored me with this awesome blog:-)
Promise to do it more often!!!!