What I Have Learned in Bloggerville

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I came across this blog title from Carol over at Balsam Ponds and Shibu and thought it would make for some great reading as well as gaining some blogger insights.

First off - I quite like the term 'Bloggerville' ... When I first read the posts - I thought I might want to label my title as 'Welcome to Blogsville' - but since Blogville already exists - decided to continue the trend of keeping the same title.

As Shibu puts it - what is Bloggerville ? As far as I go - is a large community (albeit cyber) where the many blogger residents come together - if not on a daily; at least a regular enough basis - and set their thoughts free !

It's home to those who find themselves laden with a never ending train of thoughts that need articulating in some way or form lest they be forgotten in the chaos of day-to-day living.

Think about it this way - if you went to work one day and blurted out every thought you had - people around you might just be dialing a crisis helpline ! There are people we encounter who are unable to process or fathom how one is able to consider a thought or opinion that is solely based on their on personal ideology and is not inspired by traditional books; facts or figures.

Carol and Shibu have got it quite pegged down ... In this vast cyber space - there will be blogs in Bloggerville that we as individuals will enjoy; agree with or disagree with; some that make us laugh; others that show you pain; and some that show you great insight into a topic that you might not know about.

The more you look into the insightful chapters of those in Bloggerville - the feeling that you are not alone out there in your thought process is reassuring - comforting - admit it - it's a huge sigh of relief - that there is someone else out there with a completely unknown and unrelated background - who 'gets' what you mean.

The Bloggerville Residents are non-judgemental - they accept you as the parcel that you are - and provide in their own little ways - that it is in fact OK to be saying, doing or thinking what you are. They also impart and share knowledge - thus giving our mind that much needed exercise when the monotony of 'every day living' becomes just a tad too predictable !!

So I take this opportunity to Thank You - the Residents of Bloggerville; my neighbours who follow my journey of Sparodic Reflections - for taking the time to stop by my Blog and spending a few minutes soaking in whatever I have to offer; and for taking me down your subconscious avenue of insights.


Unknown said...

Hi Daze,

Sorry to address yo like thats, since I don't know your real name. Thanks for commenting on me in your blog. As u say, the term 'Bloggerville' by Carol is really revolutionary. I quite liekd the term. And my courtesy to accept em as your bloggerville neighbor. Someday, in future, hope to meet you by a dinner table with my wife(Its futuristic), as I am getting married on coming Tuesday!!!

Tangerine said...

i never actually thought about the origin of 'bloggerville' i had always taken it 4 granted!

very befiting pics by the way.

u neighbor

Carol said...

Wow, thanks for the article that takes my thoughts to a new level. I love the thought of this being a great community where you spend time finding like minded and yet diverse people to talk to via words. Thanks again and Shibu what a fun thinking you added here. Love the neigborhood.

Dazediva said...

Shibu - congrats on your upcoming wedding (if you need any last minute assistance let me know - I'm a wedding planner by day!!)

Tangerine - glad to know that my neighbour is unscathed by whizzing bullets ! check out www.cartoonstock.com they have wicked images

Carol - hip hip hooooray for the Residents !!! Your post started the trend :) Glad to have you in the hood heheh

Love thy neighbour peeps !!1

Sumit said...

Wow! I'm also a resident of Bloggerville. Hello neighbours!! :)

Seriously, it would be fun to catch up in real life somewhere... sometime...