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Am not quite sure what I want to write about today - but I want to make sure I get into the habit of writing as often as possible - so for now will just scribble some thoughts that crossed my mind ...

My eyes hurt from looking at the laptop surfing the internet all day ... actually all week ... I spend at least 14 hours a day looking at the screen - at work and at home ! They feel kind of gritty, and it hurts to splash cold water on them ... eye drops aren't helping ... I should put myself out of this misery !

The recession is now starting to pinch my pockets =( I don't like that feeling at all ... I like being able to do something, anything without having to think twice about whether I have enough for a rainy day - because I normally do ! and now I don't .. well not as much as I want =(

Went out last night with a girlfriend and there were a limited number of guys that could even be referred to as eye candy ! How sad is that ! and we were looking really good ... Met one cute guy, got his number, but he was quite buzzed - even messaged him today - and no reply ... could he have been that drunk / stoned or a combination of both ?

Maybe it's just me - but there aren't very many 'quality' good men in Mumbai ? Most of the good looking guys open their mouths and I want to shove cotton wool into my ears as the accent or poor use of vocabulary hurts too much ! Or they turn out to be alcoholics in the making competing with their friends in who gets wasted the quickest ! Instant turn-off !! uggghhh !!

The other category of guys - who have good looks, personality, and vocabulary skills - fall within your social circle - and are therefore untouchable ... or are they are really ?? Actually this is a good topic for another post - stay tuned for more !

It's too hot !! The weather is getting more and more humid ! Stayed indoors today in the comfort of my A/C - I don't mean to harm the environment but the heat will give me migraines and that's a pain I can't bare to take after the few weeks that I've gone through !

I wish I knew how to change my blog template ... I've found a few that I like but haven't been able to make them work ... hmmm will have to ask one of my more HTML-savvy friends to look into this for me ...

I spent a lot of time today just browsing various blogs, commenting on them, learning new perceptions and view points, and thinking of how I could use those topics as inspiration for new posts ... I have yet to write this ... but my eyes are really hurting now !!

I just got a text message / SMS that made me smile - thanks YK !! if only we were not buddies .. you could be my Latin Lover and I, your Dancing Diva =P

Maybe I'll go to bed now ...


Poseidon Monacular said...

Scientific evidence historically suggests that a recession = less hot guys strutting about. No worries, when this thing is over, they'll be crawling out of the woodwork.

GoneSavage said...

What do most guys have in common with this beer bottle?

They're both empty from the neck up.