Diva’s Most Dazed Reflections of 2011

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Wow ! I can’t believe 2011 is about to come to an end.  The year has flown by (and yet gone a bit slow as well) and in a matter of a few days we will bid adieu to 2011 and welcome 2012 with open arms.

2011 has been quite a journey for me as a blogger.  I lost my guest post cherry; and things have been popping every since ! This Diva’s Guests have also made an appearance and I’m hoping to show case a few more guest bloggers in 2012.

I’ve also crossed 200 posts in 2011 ! Last year I only managed 134 posts in 2010; and 130 in 2009.  What’s even more exciting is that this year alone – I’ve hit my 3rd and 4th century ! Yeah that’s right – 300th and 400th post milestone in the same year !! And I’m almost squealing with delight because I need only 5 more posts before I hit 500 posts in total over my 2.5 years of blogging !).

I’m pretty chuffed about how regular I’ve been with blogging – about anything and everything that catches my attention.  I felt that posts like ‘Let The Sluts Walk’; ‘Suicide & Death’ & Forgive, Forget or F*ck It brought about interesting reactions and perceptions from those who take the time to

I even managed to successfully complete a 10 Day Blog Challenge !  Oh and it’s just struck me that I’ve built up a few hours of tunes by participating in the #MusicMonday meme.  Hmmm maybe I should make a playlist ;) 

I’ve also been pegged as a dating / relationship blogger; which is pretty cool but I don’t think I’m on par with some of the other bloggers I know who cover this subject on a deeper more insightful level.  What the hell is dating anyway ?  When is a date – considered da date ?

And if that’s not hard enough – then we’ve got to think about things like being exclusive or not !  Don’t even get me started on the friend zone or the Indian stereotype that  says that fair = perfect partner ! I say – yeah right !

I haven’t shared enough of the Diva’s Dating Diary but I really shot myself in the foot by following the ‘it’s just one date – go for it’ policy … I can assure you that I had to pull the fade on the Doctor ! (who by the way – has still not gotten the hint !) P4300552

There have been some “OMG I can’t believe this happened” moments which still make me smile … the Roadside Romeo and my topless treat !  And how can I forget the whole connecting with a stranger on flight that lead to a hit or miss situation !

Do these posts give you a reflection of Who Am I ? Did you particularly enjoy any of my posts of 2011 ? If you did – I’d love to know which one :) Come on – it’ll make me smile if you share it with me (unless you are still a lurker)