Wanted – Brave Single Man

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guest postTake it from me, dating in Sydney is difficult.  Very difficult.  It's not just that the city has a much larger proportion of single women to single men - it just seems difficult getting started at all.    As an English girl who has been living in Sydney for over ten years, I have seriously had a dating drought.   If I am honest,  I can't remember the last time I was asked out on a date or even chatted up by a Sydney sider!

I must admit, this has been a topic which my single friends and I have drank many glasses of wine over, pondering over the topic  - is it Sydney men in general or is it us?  Why is there such a huge amount of fabulous single women in Sydney struggling to meet a nice guy?  Believe me, we have tried everything from speed dating, online dating and even a few singles cruises on the harbour.  But to no avail...we return home alone to our apartments comforting ourselves with ice cream and telling ourselves that it is not us - it is them ;0).    Over the years I think my confidence has started to take a hit - as the body gets older so does the will to keep trying.  Also, you begin to think that you have a fatal flaw which everybody ( apart from yourself) is aware about.

GTDNow, listen in, as things are about to change and it seems to have taken a miracle to kick start my love life.  This miracle has come in the form of a 2 week road trip around Australia with 4 other single women.   Yes, we are looking for love and even more amazing, we are going to be filmed as part of a documentary called 'Going the Distance'

It seems I am not alone in struggling to find a decent bloke in Sydney so I will be taking part in this experiment to dig deeper into the dating drought which seems to be effecting most of Sydney women.  This search will also include travelling from Adelaide to Rockhampton, meeting fabulous single men while also raising money for the Cancer Council.    At last, I may get the opportunity to practice my flirting!   So, I would love you to join me on my journey - your support will be gratefully appreciated.  I will be blogging and doing a video diary most days from the Going the Distance website. So, the haircuts and pampering have been booked and I am on a mission to find love! ( and also find out if it really is them and not me!)

Lisa PhillipsLisa Phillips is a Life Coach and radio host who is fed up of being single in Sydney.  In her coaching, she has helped hundreds of clients meet their life partner but she has decided it is now her turn to find love!   '

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