Ultimate Blog Challenge. 31 Days. 31 Posts.

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Some of you might recall that a few months ago I participated in the 10 Day YOU Blog Challenge which was quite a bit of fun and it really got me focused on ensuring I churned out one post a day (every day) for 10 days.

Then in October / November I came across something called the Ultimate Blog Challenge (and being the rock star that I am) I decided to sign up for the January 2012 session.  Little did I know that I would actually get an email informing me that the challenge was about to start and whether I was ready to get my blog on ! 

There are few simple rules to follow :

  1. Post every day for 31 days (duh !).  Doesn’t matter if you post twice a day and then skip a day – but you have to hit 31 posts over the entire month of January.
  2. Each post must have a minimum of 100 words to count – so you can’t just put up a picture or a video and leave it there
  3. Once you’ve posted, then tweet your post with the tag #blogboost so other participants can find you, and come comment on your blog
  4. Go to the #blogboost page and take the time to read other participants blogs (and don’t forget to comment!)
  5. No adult blogs – so keep it PG
  6. Have fun whilst you blog !

Now I just have to figure out how on earth I’m going to manage 31 posts in 31 days given my extremely hectic schedule for the coming few weeks … Wish me luck folks !