Suicides & Death

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Before you start dialling 911 or whatever the local cop line is .. No I am not contemplating suicide or anything of the sort .. it was a random topic that came up in conversation some time ago (and my mate SG & I exchanged FB mails on it) and then the other night whilst watching an episode of Boston Legal – the topic came about again and it got me thinking of a few things ...


suicide bearIf you were to commit suicide - what method would you use ? and what method wouldn't you use .. that way if ever (god forbid) something were to happen to you - then I'd know there was no way that it was you who did that but that someone was out to get you ...

I’m not trying to make light of the subject – but it’s something we should be aware about.  Suicide / suicide attempts are often a way of reaching out to people as a way of asking for help.  I had a friend in junior high who was so fed up with the way her folks always frowned down upon her; that she started slitting her wrists.  One day – her maid called me, and I rushed over to find my friend passed out in the bathroom – wrists bleeding galore ! Luckily she was fine; it got her parents attention and they all went in for family counselling to come to the bottom of the issues.

Personally – I know I am not capable of committing suicide. I can’t even begin to think about cutting / slicing my wrists up; or over dosing on sleeping pills or hanging myself or any of those sort of things.  I love myself way too much to inflict pain on myself.  I’m also a strong individual, life can be shitty but it can’t be that bad that I want to end it all right ? I don’t think I could put my parents, siblings or friends through that sort of hell.  I have friends who would end up blaming themselves for not seeing something like that about to happen. 

Have you ever known anyone to be suicidal ? What did you do to help them ? How did you feel when you found out that this person was suicidal ? Would you ever consider suicide as a way out ?  Are you aware of any helplines in your city that you can call or refer to someone who is feeling suicidal ?

Death & Dying

death-cartoonWe are all going to die someday.  The big question is ‘how’ ?  More often than not, it is a result of medical conditions but there are some other surprising ways your life could come to an end.  By the way, I just read an article that says that we might all die on 12th October ‘11 !

In an ideal world – I’d like to go off in my sleep or at a party where I’m just living it up.  Anyone who knows me, will agree that a party sounds about right for me.  Actually scrap the sleep – I’d probably be happier dying at a party !

Jokes aside, I do know that – if I were ever to be hooked up on a ventilator / life support – then I would want the plug to be pulled.  I can’t imagine being reduced to a lifeless body that needs an oxygen tank to survive and being completely dependent on something / somebody else.  I’m too independent for that – it would kill me to have to become that way.  I say this because I also wouldn’t want my family and friends to have to suffer having to be around me and go through the entire hospital waiting room syndrome !

Hospitals are not the nicest place to be around – especially if you have a close friend / family member fighting for their life in there.  In the past 4 years I’ve seen my paternal grandma and maternal grandfather pass away – and seeing them helpless at the hospital, all hooked up to machines was the worst thing ever.  Especially when they were such proud and independent individuals who never relied on anyone for anything.  It felt like I was in this alternative state of reality – just ‘waiting’.

And Then There Is Homicide (and Assisted Suicide)

The issue with having someone ‘pull the plug’ on you if you were on a life support brings about the issue of homicide and ‘unlawful murder of someone’.   Unless it is ‘criminal homicide’ (i.e. murder), homicide can be broadly categorized as justified or excusable.  Justifiable homicide is commanded or authorized by law i.e. soldiers given an order to kill enemy soldiers.  Excusable homicide could be killing a person in self-defence because there was no other choice and you / and others would be in danger.

Do you think you would be able to shoot a bullet or take a stab at someone with a knife in case of self-defence ? The very thought of a sticking someone with a knife gives me the shudders ! I am fascinated by pocket knives and smaller blades but I don’t think I have it in me to stab someone unless there my life was in severe danger and there was just no other alternative.

The TV show Boston Legal showcased a few episodes on this subject – and the key there was – is it murder if the person has given you permission to (in essence) kill them ?  From a real life perspective,  it might be considered assisted suicide depending which part of the world this happens in. 

The U.S. states of Oregon and Washington, along with Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland are the only places in the world that have laws specifically permitting assisted suicide.  There are still heavy debates going on world wide whether it should be legalized in other countries.

I’ve actually discussed this withassisted-suicide-650 my brother and some of my close friends – and if push comes to shove – I’ve told them not to let me stay hooked up to a machine.  I have a right to decide if I don’t want to continue treatment / go on with life (especially if I’ve lived a happy and full filling one).  It may be ‘easier said than done’ but it’s what I want and I would do the same for a loved one.  The thought hurts – but I know its what the other person would want.  And I could live with that.

I know this is a very morbid conversation to have on so early in the day .. but I thought who else but you, my fellow neighbours in Bloggerville to converse with and get your perspective on what is a very controversial subject, but a also a very real one that we are all going to have to face up to one day ... 

Awaiting your thoughts - and hopefully no cops or medics will find their way to my home anytime today !

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