Diva’s Guide : Posting Tweets to Your FaceBook Fan Page

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link-twitter-to-facebookNow we all know how to link our FB profile pages to our Twitter accounts and vice versa.  There are built-in apps for FB and Twitter that allow us to do this which does make life easier.  I found Tweetdeck to be a life saver when it came to publishing my company tweets to the company profile page on FB.  But the thing is, most of the above apps are for ‘profile’ pages !

I’ve spent the last few days trying various methods of integrating my tweets to my Facebook fan page but it’s been a futile effort ! The most I managed was to use Involver or Selective Tweets to publish to my FB Fan page however the drawback was that :

  • Tweets were also getting published to my personal profile
  • I had to use specific #fb hash tags which can be a pain to do
  • I had to manually ‘publish’ the Tweets from the Tweets tab on the fan page

Today– I found the perfect solution thanks to my Twitter friend @spinsterlicious – who suggested that I use ‘HootSuite’.  Now seriously – how is it that this never once came up in any of the searches ! (and hence the reason for this post)

5 Steps To Posting Tweets to FB Fan Page

1.  Go to HootSuite.com

2.  Register and activate an account

3.  Add a Social Network

a) Your Twitter profile

hs social network

b) Your Facebook account

  • note at this point it will show your FB profile page and ask you to ‘allow’ access and permissions to Hootsuite
  • click ‘allow’
  • Log onto your FB account from the pop-up browser

hs fb

4.  Once you see your FB account listed; you will also see all the ‘pages’ you subscribe to and also those that you are an ‘admin’ of.

  • I’ve logged onto my company FB profile and can see the ‘page’ that I am admin off as shown below.
  • Select the FB page that you want to link your tweets to by clicking the ‘+’ sign; which will then open as a new tab within the HootSuite application
  • Start posting and scheduling tweets that you want to share on your FB Blog Page without worrying about all your personal tweets going on to your profile or the fan page !

hs fb network

5.  Add a Stream.

  • Basically you will see a few tabs in the window which will show your Twitter profile, FB profile and FB fan page
  • Adding a stream means connecting your FB fan page with your Twitter profile
  • Select your Twitter Profile and the ‘type of stream’ you want i.e. all the tweets; or just the @mentions or only what you send out (I selected only ‘sent tweets’ for my company account)

hs stream

And voila ! you are done ! I couldn’t believe how simple it was to publish tweets to just on my FB fan page ! All the other instructions I had seen were way too complex !

Have you got any other ways to publish your tweets directly to your FB fan pages ? Have you used HootSuite before ? If you did try out these instructions, do let me know your feedback :)