5 Ideas For Your Next Date

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So you’ve got the first date done and out of the way. Everything must have gone well otherwise you wouldn’t be planning your next date, and it also means that you can let go of the stress you were feeling before and focus on having a fantastic second date.

While first dates can be lots of fun and very entertaining, they never feel as comfortable as the second date because you spend so much time getting to know the other person (which is what they’re meant for). Now that both of you know what each other like and dislike you can spend more time building on that foundation with fun activities.

Here are 5 ideas to help you start planning your next date:

1.  Dancing- Guys you may be hesitant on this one but I promise that if you suck it up and take one for the team your lady will appreciate it. Of course it’s always good tosalsa_dancing_590 check with your date before you surprise them and show up at a dance club, but chances are the activity will be a hit! There are several different types of dancing that you can choose from as well. Some clubs play more salsa music, some hip hop, and others country, which means the choice is yours.

2.  Arts and Crafts- Having an arts and crafts night with your date is always a lot of fun. You can get several different supplies like clay, watercolour paints, coloured pencils, and crayons so that you can switch styles if you wish. You can make it your goal to either create a work of art together or make two separate projects and then exchange them as gifts at the end.

3.  Visit the Zoo- Take your date to the nearest zoo and spend some time learning about the wildlifezoo-date there. Make sure that you check the schedule beforehand so that you are there to see the bigger events like when they bring out the tigers and show them off. You can visit the petting zoo and feed some of the animals. Remember that zoo’s aren’t for kids only. People of all ages can enjoy meeting and learning about all the different animals.

4.  Take a Bike Ride or Hike- If you both love the outdoors then going for a bike ride or going on a hike makes for a fabulous date. With your bike ride or hike it’s always fun to bring along some food and drinks so that you can have a picnic if you find a good spot. Be sure to keep the rigor of the hike and bike rides to a minimum so that neither of you reach the point of exhaustion.

5.  Do Some Service- A simple service project makes for a really great date activity. You get to walk away from your project knowing that you were able to help someone else and spend time with your date all at once. The project doesn’t have to be anything big… You could ask your grandparents or neighbours if they need help with anything around the house. They may have some simple electrical work like helping them plug in their new computer, or climbing the ladder to change the light bulb. Whatever it is they’ll be extremely grateful that you were willing to help.

Now that you have 5 great ideas for your next date pick one or two of your favourites and then go for it. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on things if you are feeling inspired.

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