Diva’s Guide : Creating a FaceBook Page for Your Blog

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Do you use FaceBook Pages ? I’m not talking about ‘Groups’ but ‘Pages’.  I do and I actually have created a few FB Pages for various clients and my own company AKA : A Klass Apart BUT I’ve always wondered how to go about making a FB page for my blog.

I’ve always known it was simple, but I realized that unless you did your homework on this, most people are not able to find / select a ‘blog’ or ‘website’ feature when creating pages.

I’ve put together 5 simple steps that outline how to create your new FB page for your blog.

1. Log in to Facebook.

  • To create a page, you must have a personal account. If you don’t have your own account, go to the Facebook home page and sign up.

2. Go to Create New Facebook Page

  • From the category options, chose “Brand, Product, or Organization”
  • Scroll down on the drop down menu and choose “Website”.
  • On the next section, enter the name of your page. I just used the name of my blog. Click “Create Page”.

facebook fan page pic 1

3.  Customize Your Page

  • Add an image from your desktop that best represents your blog
  • Start filling in all the relevant sections with the info that you want to share with your audiences
  • Set up your blog RSS feed to show your new posts in Facebook.  You can do this by ‘editing’ the ‘Notes’ section and using your blog URL or the RSS feed link that exists on your blog.

(I would offer to give more step-by-step methods in doing the above but with the constant FB changes, its better left simpler)

4.  Become a Fan of your own Page (very important – if you don’t do it, why would anyone else ?) facebook_fan_page

5.  Pimp your new FB Blog Fan Page to Cyberspace. 

  • Tweet it !
  • Tumble it !
  • Update your FB profile to let your friends know you have a Blog (unless of course you don’t want them to know)
  • Blog about it so your readers can become your fan on FaceBook
  • and watch your fans grow !

There you have it – 5 easy steps on creating your very own FaceBook page for your blog.  I’ve just set mine, ‘Dazed Reflections of a Diva’ up today – so do go check it out whenever you have a chance.

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