Sexy Saturday - Paul Wesley

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I’ve recently started watching the TV show ‘Vampire Diaries’ and cannot get enough of the male lead - Paul Wesley better known to most as Stefan Salvatore !! (I think I have a TV crush !)

paul wesley

Wesley is of Polish origin and speaks the language as well.  He won the awards in the ‘Breakout Star Male’ and ‘Actor Fantasy Sci-Fi’ category for the 2010 Teen Choice Awards.


Wesley has not been seen much on the big screen but has maintained roles in various TV shows.  He also has the lead role for the ABC series ‘Fallen’ (which maybe I should watch)

The man is 29 years old with a body to die for !! I actually think my heart skips a beat watching this broody vampire on the flat screen !

He’s got my #SexySaturday Vote ! What about yours ? Have you seen the TV show ? What do you think about his character ?