Hello. This is your Blogger Voice Calling.

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This post came about whilst I was lurking after my very sexy blogger friend Nando over in New York.  His post titled Nandoism’s Valentines Erotica Submission and Exposing Yourself on Twitter caught my attention which resulted in my last post ‘To Blog .. and How ??!!

Hello. This is Your Blogger Voice Calling.

I’ve been blogging for about 1.5 year now; 170 sporadic thoughts to be precise. And I don’t think they suck either.  As I looked back at the posts I wrote when I first started blogging in 2008; there were only 28 posts in 6 months.  In 2009, I had managed to pen down 130 very sporadic thoughts :)

I noticed that ever so often I would put up a few posts that could be considered ‘a bit out there’ or just not with the general flow of the writing or perhaps something not everyone reading could relate to.  Some of my old favourites include ‘Chivalry : Dead, Alive or Abused’ and What the Hell is Dating ?  Lately I’ve been reading up on quite a few dating / relationship bloggers – and it’s kinda cool that I’ve already sort of written about those topics.  I’ve been thinking about it – but haven’t really put anything down.

I can safely say that none of my neighbours here in Bloggerville would classify or even categorize me as someone who refers to shattering news stories.  That’s probably because I’ve stopped reading the papers and try to catch the ‘happier’ stories online.  However in 2008, I found myself bang in the heart of the Mumbai Terror Attacks, and I have gone on to describe my close encounter in that chaotic crisis.  At the time, I didn’t really get any response from my neighbours (I was – and still am – a newbie in cyber space) but got an overwhelming feedback in the form of comments on my FB notes.

Contrary to what Srinivas Rao says in his post  How To Find Your Voice as a Blogger; I find that looking back at the early days of my blog – I somehow feel that I didn’t hold back on what I was thinking.  During the course of growing as a writer – there is a quite a difference in the content – it’s still very much ‘me’ .. but it’s a bit ‘held back’ – I’m not being as blunt as I could be.  Or maybe it’s just another side of me. 

However I did find that the more ‘sporadic’ and non-conventional my thoughts were – the higher my neighbour engagement was in the form of comments.  Sure I wondered ‘why am I publishing this’ every now and then – but then I realized I can’t let something public or private affect my writing; and that I shouldn’t just write for readers or for comments or just for the sake of it – that I should be writing because I want to and because I think whatever it is that I have to say is going to hold some sort of importance or relevance to somebody out there in Blogosphere.

I took my neighbours behind the scenes and gave them something to think about for the first time in March ‘09.  I haven’t done something like that until my last post ‘To Blog .. and How ??!!’  I hope to be doing more of that this year.

My sporadic thoughts are just that – my past, present and future – a part of this thing called life - a small speck of ME in the overwhelming realm of the Universal Spectrum.  And maybe I had always HAD my blogger voice =) I just didn’t realize it fully until now.

Have you found your blogger voice as yet ? Yes. No. Maybe. Somewhere in between perhaps ? Not that I’m an expert – but thought I’d put together a few words of wisdom to help you determine your status.  After all – its Your Voice – Your Blog – Your Blogger Voice.

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