To Blog .. and How ??!!

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This post came about as a way to formulate the multiple post ideas that came to after reading Nandoism’s Valentines Erotica Submission.

Blog Thought Process

Why ? How ? Explain ?

I was thinking about re-publishing his post on my blog so that all of my neighbours out in Bloggerville are aware of the contest … and really also because I have previously written two pieces of literotica … which I’ve only shown a handful of people ..

As you can imagine .. I’m a bit nervous .. as must you be wondering ‘erm Erotica ? really’ or  ‘Erotica ! No Way !’ or even ‘That’s it I’m outta here’ … so yeah, I am kind of nervous about how some of my neighbours might react.  The competition requires people to vote on their favourite story … and even though I could submit it anonymously .. how would I get votes ?

But … I realized that this is all a part of my Blogger Voice.  And where did that light bulb go on from .. A post (ironically) titled Exposing Yourself on Twitter ..Thanks Nando ! All this inspiration is thanks to you my sexy Mexican hunk !

So now with all these voices going around in cyber space – I came to realize that there really is a theory on 'Your Blogger Voice’ … I’d heard about the Twitter Voice from the above post and that got me thinking about how I am using Twitter and that resulted in the phrase ‘Blogger Voice’ .. which I had to look up and was quite happy to discover that I wasn’t making things up in my own head !

Considering all the voices that were now bouncing around my head – I was happy to note that I now have quite a few topics that I can blog about :) Here’s how I’ve managed to break it down !

Blog Post Ideas Lately I’ve been feeling that all I’m doing is working and every time I get down to writing something – I end up spending more time reading and catching up with all the other blogs in the neighbourhood !

It has taken me 2 days to get this post up and running – but I have valid reasons for the delay … WORK ! and I’m a perfectionist – and I really wanted to be able to express my thought process to you all … I hope it’s worked or at least made sense !

Before I get on to writing the next few posts – would you be totally scandalized or offended or just be thinking WTF if I were to put up a few pieces of writing that were ‘outside’ of my current thoughts ?  My blog is titled Sporadic Reflections for a reason .. I have way too many random thoughts and I want to be able to pen them down and get a good laugh out of it a decade or two from now.  But most importantly – because it’s my thoughts. 

Need some feedback please.


Nandoism™ said...

You are totally amazing my Diva Blogger friend. I'm so glad you've been inspired and use this blog to create, write, express and show us your multi-talented self--and don't forget to have fun in the process, right? Love the new design, you are just on fire!

Dazediva said...

@ Nandoism .. You make me blush ! I'm brown - its not easy to do that ! hahaha There are a few amazing bloggers out there that totally inspire me and YOU are one of them ! I'm so hooked on your blog :) Looks like 2010 is definitely a make-over for me :) mwaah xx