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I’m an Indian by origin (British by birth) and I’ve never quite understood why Indians love GOLD so much !  I’ve recently finished a client’s wedding and during gold coinsthe last 2 months of spending time with my client – gold – has often come up as a subject.

I used to laugh at my Mum every time she would buy a gold coin.  I’d tell her that there was no point buying a ‘coin’ for ‘so much money’.  And she would just brush me off and tell me that I would learn the value of those coins much later in life.  Especially when it came down to getting married. 

No I’m not getting married – but as a wedding planner in India – I’ve now come to realize the value of Gold.  Being the curious cat that I am, I went about online searching for articles on gold investment and particularly gold coins. 

Some of the Benefits of Investing in Gold include :

  1. Gold is considered an equivalent for liquid cash.  It can be easily sold and liquidated. 
  2. Gold is a good investment.  The price of gold has consistently increased and considered to be more ‘risk-free’
  3. Gold is a status symbol.  Especially in India.  My client mentioned to me that a bride wearing 24k gold on her wedding, brings luck & happiness throughout married life.

Some Forms of Buying Gold

  1. Jewelry.  It would be the obvious way for the majority of us.  However it’s not the best form of investment unless you’re looking at it in terms of heirloom and ornamental value.
  2. Bullion Bars  These make for good modes of investment however the minimum investment is considerably higher than what the common man can afford
  3. Bank Coins or World Gold Council Coins. Gold coins are safe and easy to store.  Gold coins don’t devalue over time.
  4. Gold Bullion Exchange Traded Funds (EFTs).  These are like mutual funds that invest only in gold.

So now that you’ve learned something useful about gold – are you actually ready to start investing ?  Have you ever thought about investing in gold ?

I’ve included a few articles that helped me get a better understanding of gold; the various forms of investment along with the pros and cons associated with them.  If you’ve got any tips to share – please add them in the comments :)

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canadian silver coins said...

This is the information that i am looking for to feed my curiosity about golds.Thanks for sharing this to everyone.

Dhiman said...

One of the issues with Gold investment is storage cost also element of risk involved as well when bought in form of jewelery, coins or bars... from investment point of view Gold ETFs are good ... and thank you for linking the articles on Gold Investment...

Dazediva said...

@ Canadian Silver Coins .. Welcome to my blog ! This post definitely satisfied my curiousity about gold too :)

@ Dhiman .. Storage costs would vary depending if its in the bank; locker; private storage etc With coins; sometimes it takes time to resell. The Gold EFT's definitely sound like the best option; more safe like Mutual Funds .. Glad to have been of some use :) heheh