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V Day

I think this picture says it all … Lots of love and warm wishes going out to all of you out in Bloggersville and in cyber space !

Doesn’t matter if you are single, or in a relationship .. Just remember that if you want others to love you; then you must learn to love yourself first.

Hope you have a great Valentines =)


p.s. don’t forget to check out CardboardLove – there are some great love notes on there :)


Sumit said...

Love and best wishes to you too. :)

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Thanks oh Fab One!

Hope you are having a sensational fabulous day!

Vinita Apte said...

A happy Valentines Day to you too. Have fantastic day.

Guiltyhyena said...

Much Love To Ya DazeDiva, have a Fab V-Day! :)


Dazediva said...

@ Sumit .. same to you hon :)

@ WSG .. I spent the day at the Elle Derby AND got lucky whilst placing a bet .. that's all the action I got hehehe

@ Lazy Pineapple .. thanks hon hope you're having a great day

@ The Guilty Hyena .. mwah mwah mwah

Tony Anders said...

I agree completely. My blog today was on this same thing. Glad to see others share the sentiment!

Gautam said...

I want that cardboard on my wall..he he! :D Happy Valentine's day 2 u!! :)

Dazediva said...

@ Tony .. welcome to my blog & a very Happy Valentines to you too :) Just read your blog post - will comment on there

@ Gautam .. Seriously cardboardlove is awesome ! I'm so glad I discovered it ! Happy V-Day to you too :)

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Hey hey! Left something for you on my blog!