All Dressed Up ...

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The content of this post refers to an incident that took place on Fri 20th Feb '09

February has been a very busy month for me in terms of family obligations - more specifically - weddings ! Two of my cousins' were getting married; and in all of this - a good friend of mine rings me up and announces that he is also getting married !

Imagine an Indian household preparing for Indian weddings ! Now think of 3 women and 2 men in one house and the about 15 functions to attend during the course of the week ! Yes it's hectic ! Mind-numbingly tiring as well !

So on Fri 20th - after a series of events for my cousin VC - I had efficiently put aside my outfit; jewellery; sandals and handbag in preparation for my mate CS's wedding reception. My mother has quite sweetly ensured that my outfit is ironed; has informed my grandmother that I would be stopping by after work to get my sari draped before the event.

I finish work at about 7:30, head to my grandparents' place, chill with my grandmother and go about getting myself ready for this reception. On arriving at the venue, we go around the property as there are a few halls and I couldn't see the name of the bride or groom so stopped to ask one of the attendents who told me to go to the banquet hall at the back of the property. No problem - so I head along there but find that it's a different name.

So I tell my driver to go back around to the front and check once again - and by this point - I'm getting a bit cranky thinking - how the hell can no one know where the function is taking place ! One of the attendents smirks and tells me 'are you sure you're at the right place?' - of course I'm at the right place ! I'm a wedding planner for god's sake ! I know venues around the city !

In the midst of this conversation, a fleeting thought crosses my mind, and I call up my mom and ask her to go and check the wedding card .... and that sinking feeling took over when I heard my mom's soft giggle ... 'darling it's on Saturday - not today!'

Ofcourse I was only just slightly miffed about the mix-up with dates - then again I was so spaced out from the numerous wedding functions I had to attend - this was almost a dress rehearsal for the real day !

So there I was ... all dressed up in a beautiful Tarun Tahiliani sari and absolutely no where to go but home !