Why Can’t People Just Pick Up The Phone ?

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Seriously – what the hell is wrong with us these days ? Has technology taken over our lives to such an extent that we can’t make a simple phone call ? It’s not like cell or mobile phones are

I have a simple rule with my friends.  If you want to get in touch with me or make plans with me – CALL ME.  It’s much easier than trying to SMS / BBM / WhatsApp / Email me.

As far as I am concerned – emails are for work related purposes OR when communicating with a group about a certain subject when they are spread out in various parts of the country / world.  (or when my girls AM & NB are trying to call me but I’m on a never ending long distance phone call – then they email me).  My BBM/WhatsApp is primarily for friends & family who live in other parts of the world – we exchange a few messages and then fix a time to get on Skype for a face-to-face chat or set a phone call up.

I once had a client who would message (BBM/WhatsApp/SMS) me constantly – and it wasn’t a short message – they would be up to 6 messages. I had to tell them that I prefer to keep all communication that is work related over email so that at any point there are no discrepancies in what we are providing and being asked for as a business.

A BBM / SMS / WhatsApp is fine if it’s for very general communication i.e. hey how’s it going ? or even a ‘I’m running late – see you in 10’ type of message.  Or when you can’t answer the phone ‘cos you are driving.  It’s not meant to be used a form of freaking communication where you try to have a full blown conversation in short hand text !

And don’t even get me started on people who send an SMS for a date ! What the hell is that all about ? I get it if you are following up once the date is confirmed. If a guy can’t call me to ask mpick up the phone and make something happen-resized-600e out – I’m not particularly keen to go out with him.  Grow a pair already and just say it ! If I can call you – so can you !

I genuinely lose interest in a person if their preferred method of communicating with me is ‘non-verbal’.  I prefer to ‘talk’ on the phone or have a face-to-face chat which involves actually meeting up.  I have had a few guys just constantly message me and when I do call them and express this – it’s as if they have gone back to kindergarten ! They don’t think of it as a big deal … My main problem is that the message or the intent behind the message tends to get lost.  How do you know if it’s really a date ? People can over read / under read into messages and that’s how life gets all complicated !

What about you – do you tend to use the phone for actual conversations ? Or do you prefer to just send SMS / BBM / WhatsApp messages – be it for work or for pleasure ? Or would you rather meet someone face to face if you had something to say ?

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