Birthday Blues

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FrustrationI’ve been going absolutely nuts with my upcoming clients’ wedding; and have barely had time to plan out my birthday party !  This is NOT a good sign because I’m normally prepared with an entire weekend birthday plan at least 3 weeks prior to d-day but this year it’s just been kinda crazy.

For starters – I only finalized the venue a few days ago and I’ve had to follow up with my bar and catering teams to finalize on the drinks and food menu.  Hey, I’m an events planner – I get into the detailing of things (much to the annoyance of my mates).

I really wanna party – but unfortunately looks like this is going to be the one year that I can’t celebrate the way I want to.  I had a fabulous plan in mind which was going to out-do my 29th b’day; but due to the f*ck up with my bank and credit card company all my plans have gone for a toss !

The bigger piss-off is that I’m here – stuck in bloody Bombay for my birthday.  I don’t want to be here; especially not for this particular birthday – all the others I could deal with … but the plan was never to be here …

When sh*t hits the fan – it really does and it just feels that nothing seems to be working towards making things go right for my birthday.  It’s so frustrating.  Or it could just be me having super high expectations (I suppose I could be pretty anal that way).  Whatever it is – right now it’s getting on my nerves and it’s annoying the hell out of me.

I know in the end everything will be fine … it’s just not going to be what I want .. and that part sucks.