Blogging From A to Z Challenge

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A to Z Badge 2012April is almost here and I’ve decided to take part in the A to Z Blog Challenge.  That’s right folks – it’s another month and time for another challenge

What is Blogging from A to Z All About ?

Basically you need to post every day except Sundays during the month of April and to make things interesting, you have to blog thematically from A to Z.  The way I see it, start from the letter A and just think of a word / a proper noun / or just the letter it self and write about it – until you reach the letter Z.  

The posts should be at least 100 words to show that you’ve put some kind of effort into the topic.  If you have a photo blog – you can still participate and just use photos that start with the letters of the alphabet.  If your blog is sporadic like mine – just pick something pertaining to a letter from the alphabet and write about it.  You get my drift ?  If you're still stumped scan a dictionary, an encyclopaedia or even other bloggers who have participated in previous years to get some inspiration.

The Rules

  1. Sign up for the A to Z challenge list
  2. Follow the theme A to Z which will give you a total of 26 Posts for April 2012
  3. Post every day except on Sundays.  However since 1st April is on a Sunday, you will start with the letter A on Sunday 1st April.  After that all Sundays are ‘break-days’
    • 26 Posts
    • 26 Alphabets
  4. Each post must be a minimum of 100 words
  5. Share your posts on the A to Z Facebook Page
  6. Share your post links on Twitter tagging @AprilA2Z (and following them too)
  7. Share your post links on Twitter using the #atozchallenge hash tag

When this challenge started in 2010 there were only 100 participants; today when I signed up in the blog-hop – I was participant #1076 !! That’s a lot of bloggers out there taking part in this challenge.  Are you up for taking part in the challenge ?  If you are – then don’t forget to sign up for the A to Z Challenge List !

Feel free to grab a banner or a badge and share it on your blog if you are participating or even just supporting those who are taking part in the challenge.

What are your thoughts about this ? Would you take part in such a challenge ? I’d love to hear any ideas or post suggestions that you might have to keep me going through the challenge ! I’m contemplating a ‘theme’ for the challenge and ‘blogging’ is the obvious choice – are there any other themes you’d like to see me explore ? Do share in the comments.