Another Month. Another Challenge.

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Last summer I took part in the 10 Day YOU Challenge to see if I could actually blog 10 days in a row.  I did and it felt good to know that I had been a part of a ‘community challenge’ – I came across some fun blogs and got to know a few new people on Twitter.

Then at the start of this year in January – I participated in the Ultimate Blog Challenge – where the rules stated that one must write a post a day or a total of 31 posts in the month of January.

This month, I’ve been taking part in a small ‘photo-a-day’ challenge that my friend Sabu put together on FaceBook and we are 11 of us just doing it for fun.  I’m so thankful to my mate for doing this ‘cos it has kept me on my toes and its made me accountable for actually taking a photo a day and sharing it with the group.

Somewhere in between these challenges, I came across something called the A to Z Challenge and it caught my attention.  So much so that I had even prepared in advance and scheduled some posts in anticipation of participating in the challenge and not falling behind on schedule.  That was until my laptop died and I had to get a new one – which meant that none of my posts got saved as I had written them on live-writer.

Today, I came home after an amazing spa day with my girlf and decided that I need to stop procrastinating and just prepare myself for this blog challenge in April … and so this post is there to sign it off Challenge Accepted[4]in black and white into blogosphere that I’m gonna do this !

That’s right folks – in the words of Barney Stintson ‘Chalenge Accepted’ I’m going to take part in the  A to Z April 2012 Blogging Challenge !