Wine Stopper Favors

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Party favors have now become a norm; they feature prominently on the to do lists of party planners and while they are intended to be given away as small tokens of appreciation to the party guests for their participation and attendance, party planners take great pains to decide appropriate party favors to give away at events. Ideally party favors should not add greatly to the event budget, be visually appealing, hold sentimental value and capture the theme of the occasion.

The Best Favors for All Kinds of Occasions

Wine stoppers are elegant and practical favors for all kinds of parties: engagement parties, wedding showers, corporate events, reunions and get together, housewarming parties and even birthdays and baby showers.

For weddings particularly, wine stoppers can be personalized by adding a wedding ring or perhaps a heart shape to symbolize that the favor belonged to a wedding party. You can even use them during the party and then later passed around on trays for guests to collect them as they leave. If you want to go an extra yard, you could pair the wine stoppers with wine bottles featuring pictures of the wedding couple on the bottle labels or quote some lyrics from the couples’ wedding song and generally any favorite song of theirs’.

Wine bottle stopper favors can really jump out and make a statement of your gratitude and appreciation towards the party guests. When choosing wine stoppers as party favors, ask yourselves the question whether they tie your choices of event theme, color palette and general ambience together. Office parties are generally conservative events, therefore going over the top with your monogrammed_stopperparty favors can seem inappropriate and inconsistent with the sober nature of the event. When celebrating a successful takeover or merger or even acquisition of an asset or realization of company targets, wine stoppers can be a very practical choice of party favors that can mark the momentous nature of the occasion. Monogrammed wine stoppers featuring the date and nature of the cause for celebration can prove to be joyful reminders of corporate successes.

Monogrammed wine stoppers can also be used as reminders of other happy occasions as well, when inscribed with graduation or wedding dates. You can have fun with wine stoppers by painting them in different colors, decorating them with beads and sequins and even carving shapes on their tops that signify the occasion they were meant to celebrate.

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