Sometimes It's Better To Forget

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If you recall, I once said that running doesn’t always help.  Honestly, it doesn’t and hence I threw it out at the universe so that it was all out of my system.

This morning, I woke up like any other morning and saw a FB alert that a friend of mine had tagged me in some pics.  I knew these pics would be dated a few years ago as I haven’t seen this friend in almost 5 years now. 

I saw the first picture and I smiled.  It was a picture of me on my 25th b’day weekend.  The second picture was of one of my oldest girlfriends (we even lived together at one point) and me and I smiled more ‘cos she’s getting married this summer and I’m going to be at the wedding. 

I didn’t quite know how to react to the third picture.  I stared at it for what seemed like a while and then just closed the screen.  Later in the day, I told NC about it and she was quite surprised.  I saw it again now ‘cos another Twitter friend brought it up.  I’m proud of myself for not letting my heart cave in or have my stomach turn inside out.

And almost immediately after, I saw this sign and I felt this sort of relief … ‘cos it makes sense.  

sometimes forget the past

I’ve learned to let go of people who don’t belong in my future.  But for the longest time, I have inadvertently let this person be around despite everything I’ve done to ‘delete’ him from my life. 

I’ve moved on with my life – so has he – and as much as FaceBook wants us to be friends – I think I’ll just ignore that part and deal with the other 1900+ friends I have.  My theory on this – Forgive, Forget & F*ck It ! (and I had to put it out there so the universe hears me on this)