SMS For A Date ? Yay or Nay ?

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There’s this guy from ASW (a social networking site) who has been texting & BB’ing me for a few weeks now.  His texts were always a ‘hey – hi’ sorta message which after a point – I just ignored.  In fact I told him that I am better at responding to people on the phone than I am via text / BB.

Especially when I don’t know the person,  I have no intention of ‘getting to know someone’ over a damned SMS / BB conversation.  Anything beyond 3-4 lines of communication warrants a phone call.  Once you are my BFF or near enough that sort of status – you can SMS / BB me.  Anyone who knows me – knows that it is my pet peeve !! (whole other blog post waiting to happen there !)

So anyway – this guy has called me twice / thrice and we have had good conversation.  He’s a surgeon – so the brain cells are definitely there.   However on 2 different occasions he has messaged me stating that he’d like to ask me out.iphone-texting

WTF ! Why would you ask out someone who you have never met over a BBM / SMS ?  Especially when the lines of phone communication have already been opened ? I never responded to those attempts – until last night.

The man sends me a message in the midst of a spa treatment (yes, metrosexual man) asking me out and my response was ‘seriously ? over a BBM message ? I don’t think so!’

Instant reaction – he picks up the phone and calls and goes on to explain to me  that the only reason he messages me is because I am the busy one ! Erm hellooooooo ! he’s the surgeon over here not me !! I throw parties for a living – everyone can call me ! But I’ll be damned if I pick up the phone and risk calling a cardiac surgeon in the middle of the day in case he’s got his hand stuck down someone’s heart !

Moving on, the guy gets a plus point for asking me out last night for next Saturday – a whole week ahead.  Minus points for suggesting going out to a very loud and crowded night club for a first meet-up !  Plus points gained however for telling me not to worry and that he would pick me up and drop me home too. 

Actually – I told  him straight out that I might have an event on Saturday night but as of last night it wasn’t confirmed.  Which is the truth.  And in the back of my mind – if that night club plan didn’t change to something more civilized like dinner & drinks – ‘my event would materialize’ !

I did hint that a night club might not be the most appropriate choice for the night but it could be played by ear.  After all – it’s just one date and he did actually pick up the phone and ask me out  … So lets see how that pans out; and I’ll keep you all posted on that.