Are You Sitting On A Pot of Gold ?

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If you aren’t already sitting on a pot of gold – then I’d suggest you start considering to do that. 

I was having a chat with my Mom the other day (you know the usual – when are you planning on getting married conversation) and the topic of gold came about.  I teased her that she better start thinking of plating all her gold jewellery to white gold for me since I’m not a big fan of the bright gold colour.

She just looked at me like I was the most irresponsible person ever and asked me if I had checked the most recent stock market rates for a gold bullion (which of course I hadn’t and then immediately wished I had money to buy bullion in the first place)

For those of you wondering what a bullion is – "it refers to any precious metal in a form in which its primary value comes from the worth of the metal; and is most often traded in the form of coins minted by national governments” pot-of-gold-small

Side note : determining the price of gold isn’t as easy as it seems especially after the research I did to spot the gold price !

If you are thinking about ways to build a solid investment for your future, or diversifying your portfolio - buy gold bullion – without any doubt !  The easiest way being to start investing in gold jewellery.  I know I have to start purchasing gold jewellery even though I prefer platinum !

Damn, where’s a rainbow when you really need one ?

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