Crush 102 : Getting Crushed

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I was going to title this post ‘Crushed By My Crush’ but that sounded so clichéd (and so apt all at the same time)

As some of you might know, a little while ago I confessed my crush to the Roadside Romeo who I met back in December.  Last week I was grinning from ear to ear about the fact that the crush was coming to Bombay after spending the last few months out of town.

He arrived today. And confessed that he had started semi-dating someone and he wanted me to know about it.  He’d love to meet but he didn’t think he could be ‘as much fun as he’d hoped’.

He let me down quite easy when I think about it.  He was honest, upfront and at least made me feel like he kinda felt bad all at the same time.  I’m a big girl – I can crushedlive with that. 

But, yeah – seriously – the Diva just got crushed by her crush.

The thing is – the girl he’s started dating – she’s very cool, lots of fun AND I know who she is.  It’s not like I ‘know’ her and she’s a my bum-chum; more like I know her through parties and we get along when we meet.  The logical side of me says that means there is no way I can even consider making a move on the crush.  ‘Cos that would just be wrong (right ?)

The hormonal side of me is screaming out to just do as I please with the crush !!! Would that be so wrong ? (and no need to answer that – I know it is wrong).  I promised my girl DA that I wouldn’t let my hormones get the better of me.  After all, it’s just a crush.

See I told ya that I was a big girl.