Mindless Bits of This & That ..

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It’s been a crazy week for me.  There’s an event which I’ve been working on (minus NC since she’s on a vacation); wait make that a few events and I feel brain dead. 


I can’t function (although I think this has more to do with the fact that my cook is also on a short vacation and I am missing out on breakfast every morning).  And yes, I have a cook – well my parents do.  This is India – its pretty normal to have a cook at home.  And yes, I am aware that I can make a bowl of cereal or whip up some eggs but I don’t really want to do that because that would mean doing the dishes.  Did I ever mention I hate doing the dishes ?  I’d rather cook than do dishes !

Anyway there’s no real point to this post except that I don’t have the energy for anything but I feel that I’ve neglected my blog this week and since it’s my outlet for all things that go on in my mind – I might as well share whatever it is that is going on in my mind right now.

In terms of work – it’s been super hectic – which is great – except it’s not so much fun when one is totally overwhelmed.  In the last 2 days I have driven over 125 kms which is a bit excessive ! And I have a 400 km drive (back & forth) planned for the weekend !

I did manage to grab a fun dinner with my mates HRH, Dimps, and SG at a cute lil’ place in Bandra called ‘Chez Moi’ on Wed night.  Of course we created a riot out there and I reckon the owner got sweet on me (or so it was implied by his text message later that evening) .  Yes I gave him my business card.  Hell I was thinking about how to market his place – really good food !

Speaking of which – I have to put together a few funny ‘date escapades’ for this blog .. it’s long over due, but I need to get this done .. if only for your entertainment value !

Anyway – I’m to Pune this weekend so catch you all on Monday ! My brain refuses to form logical sentences anymore !